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Economic Empowerment Project: Voice Your opinion, share your ideas


Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves [Quran, 13:11] ... God helps those who help themselves!!



Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public , have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. [Surah: Al-Baqara, Ayah: 274] ... ... Read about Excellence of Generosity and Spending




But he who is greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient. And gives the lie to Al-Husna (the best); We will make smooth for him the path for evil; And what will his wealth benefit him when he goes down (in destruction). [Quran: Al Lail, Chapter-92, Verse 8-11]




Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a Mujahid (warrior) who fights for Allah's Cause, or like him who performs prayers all the night and fasts all the day."   (Sahih Bukhari, Book #64 , Hadith #265 )


BANEE Projects for Educational Empowerment:

Stage-1: (a) Sponsoring students (Scholarships), (b) identify model schools

Stage-2: (a) Sponsoring teachers, (b) merit awards to students and (c) High performance awards to teachers
Stage-3: Establish our own institutions, after achieving success in stage-1 and stage-2

BANEE Network training centre launched in Patna, classes to start on 16th June, 2007

It's always better to light a candle than to curse the darkness


Economic Empowerment Projects:

Stage-1: Using zakaat money for economic empowerment [Post your suggestions online, here]

Stage-2: Using non-zakaat funds for economic empowerment [Post your suggestions online, here]
Stage-3: Establish an Endowment Fund for economic empowerment (suggest a model, please: send your ideas to

Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves [Quran, 13:11]


-BAJEE: Women's Polytechnic at Patna

-Library in Patna managed by BANEE and BAJEE

-Coaching classes for admission to Diploma Engg & XIth in Jamia & AMU


-Construction of model school at Jamia Madania campus, Sabalpur, Patna


-Coaching Centre in village Babhangaman, District Madhubani

-SABALPUR MADARSA: Model school for Bihar Anjuman


  -Phase-1: Safe Drinking Water to All


-Eye Camps Project led by Dr. Moiz Shams


Imarat Shariah: Appeal for financial help