On board Bihar Anjuman Ship

Dr. Imteyaz Ahmad Khan, UK describes his trip to Delhi, Patna, Sabalpur and AMU as an emissary of Bihar Anjuman


I always dread travel specially in India from my young days, more so as at this age. This time I went for a very short time to visit my ailing sisters but I travelled more than at any other time in my life. I agreed to include the places in my itinerary after strong encouragement and persuation from Dr Moiz Shams Sb;

Patron of Bihar Anjuman - Dr. Imteyaz Ahmad Khan Sb - with Amir-e-Shariat Hazrat Maulana Syed Nizamuddin Qasmi Sb

It was quite busy exacting schedule and very tiring but most satisfying and pleasing visit I have had ever done , Alhamdolillah. The reason is that I was asked to visit the places for charitable causes which is dear and noble in the eyes of Allah. My son and I enjoyed these visits greatly .It has opened our eyes to the pressing problem of our community and seeing thing first hand was most enriching experience. There is no substitute to seeking things yourself on the spot. It does affect the heart and mind and gives you something to think and worry about.

I am thankful to Janab Dr Moiz Shams Saheb who initiated , organized and made these visits possible. Jazak Allah. If I hadn't visited these places It would have been a great missed opportunity. Though we were rushed off our feet during visit to Sabalpur, Patna, Delhi and Aligarh, it was thoroughly enjoyable because it had a purpose , a mission and it also provided the opportunity to meet so many good, righteous and distinguished people from India to Dubai and to learn from them.

The way I was welcome with so much warmth , love and affection in all these places was beyond my wildest dream. I was totally overwhelmed . I was made to feel really very special, but am I?? Certainly not , far from it . It was not because I was such and such doctor from UK, a Consultant in British National Service Hospital. There are hundreds of doctors like me who visit from UK and USA or any other country, they come and go unnoticed. I am also like one of them. The only difference was that I went as an ambassador , an emissary , a representative of the Bihar Anjuman which has been doing a very commendable charitable work for over a decade and that fact alone aroused so much affection and heartfelt welcome by the people in all the places I visited. 

In reality they were welcoming the leaders and pioneers of Anjuman , not me. Their marvellous response was a tribute to the generosity and organizational approach of the Group . I was being honored and holding bouquet only on behalf of Anjuman leaders in Dubai and Middle East. I wish any one of them was there to see how much their work was being appreciated. Never mind they are doing this work not to seek appreciation of people but to seek pleasure of Allah SWT.

I am very sorry that I am unable to complete this email because it is getting late in the night and I am going for my eye operation tomorrow morning. I meant to send it few days ago but my access to Bihar Anjuman was blocked and my mail was bouncing back. It took me many attempt over few days to reregister and block the bouncing. Then last two days I have had constant stream of visitors and non stop phone calls. I would wish to write my impression and comments regarding my visits to Sabalpur, Patna, Delhi, Aligarh and Dubai as soon as I am able to use laptop after my operation.

In the mean time I must express my thanks to dear Dr Moiz and his family for the grand hospitality and wonderful lunch at Sabalpur and showing me round his hospital, Maulana Qasim sahib of Sabalpur Madrassa for organizing the visit and tour of the Madrassa, Maulana Aanisur Rahman for inviting us to breakfast party with religious scholars and to brother Sufiyan Badr , brother Imtiaz of AIIMS and others for organizing meeting in Delhi, to Prof Dr Abdus Salam of AMU for inviting us to a delicious lunch and last but not the least to Khalid Waheed Falahi and his colleagues for organizing the meeting of students and distinguished lectures and professors of Aligarh Muslim University. I left AMU with lots of admiration and deep sense of appreciation for the audience and organizers. I wish I could have spent a little more time there.