Model School Projects

Lend a hand to Bihar Anjuman

Assalam Alaikum. Let's utilize our energy for some constructive work. First thing that comes to our mind when we hear of a project is the FUNDS (from where, and how, . A plethora of questions come to our mind). Let's do our work, and Insha-Allah, if our intentions are right, Allah will help us all the way.   Alhamdolillah! The younger generation is definitely better placed, and better behaved, and I trust that their hot blood can generate some real good work. It's encouraging that a lot of them are able to coordinate through this yahoogroup, and inspire us oldies.
My appeal to all of you is to come up with projects that will take us forward - kindly allow the differences of opinion to take a back-seat.

I have tried to give shape to my ideas inspired by those that have come from many of you, regarding anti-dowry movement, economic empowerment, education project, etc. The following is a framework of that shape, which will remain vague for some more time, until your combined intellect and efforts turn it into a workable model.


1)       Have local chapters in each district that could turn Bihar Anjuman's projects (e.g., education and scholarship)/ activities (e.g., cultural and social enrichment as per Islamic values)/ movements (e.g., anti-dowry movement) into reality,

2)       Priority for these chapters goes to Anjuman's model schools

3)       Anjuman's model schools focus on producing model Muslim intellectuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, citizens.

Following is the framework for an Educational Project under the banner of Bihar Anjuman's Educational Empowerment (BANEE) program, with an aim to have model schools that help students to get Madarsa Board certificates as well as Bihar Board/ CBSE/ ICSE certificates (according to the choice of the student), and train them to start small crafts-related businesses (for those interested):

                                i.      select a conventional model school and include Islamic education, in its curriculum; or

                              ii.      select an Islamic school and impart conventional education, in its curriculum; and

                            iii.      Provide technical training to desirous students of the chosen Model school.

Brother Perwez Ahmad (AMU, IIT-K, Chennai) is working on one such school in Darbhanga distt, brother Asrarul Haque (MBBS student, AMU) is working on one such school in Katihar distt, and I'll select one in Samastipur distt; I am sure brother Ahmad Rasheed (Darbhanga), br. Sanaullah Khan (Siwan), br. Mohammad C. Jamali (Chapra), br. Aijaz Haque (Patna), br. Ahmad Ali (East Champaran), br. Hasan Arshad (Darbhanga), br. Imteyaz Ahmad (Darbhanaga/ Madhubani), br. Najmi Gilani (Patna), br. Khan Parvez Ahmad, and all of the others who would like to join in this race, Insha-Allah.

Eligibility criteria for selecting such a school (or madarsa) to become our model school:

                                i.      should be ready to incorporate the curriculum suggested by us (science-Maths-English for Madarsa, and Quran-Hadees-Urdu/Arabic-Islamic History for Conventional school) ;

                              ii.      should be ready to incorporate training in crafts (on the pattern of ITIs, e.g., in masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, black-smithy, iron-mongery, computers, electronics & telecom, tailoring, embroidery, weaving, etc);

                            iii.      the school management must be forward-thinking, progressive, and free from political inclinations;

                            iv.      the school must be well-managed (corruption-free and free from hatred-creating teachings);

                              v.      have good reputation in the area, etc.

 The school management should agree to actively participate in all our movements and activities, including the anti-dowry movement. Some of these activities could be:

(a)     Anti-dowry movement - some plans are available in the "files" section, but final plans will be devised once we have MOU with these model schools (working as our local centres) signed, or on establishment of an alternative local chapter;

(b)    Mobilizing MLA/ MP etc (Government) funds for construction of buildings for community centres and schools (extra rooms for model schools, to start with) - idea is to channelise as much of Government funds through our local chapters as possible, to beat others in this race, try to provide comparative advantage to Muslim localities and population,

(c)     Distribution of scholarship grants, marriage assistance, etc.,

(d)    Propagation of Islamic social and cultural values,

(e)     Propagation of health awareness, arranging health-camps, forwarding patients to clinics and hospitals (phase-1), arrangements with established clinics for treatment of the poor (phase-2), aiming ultimately to establish our own clinic/ hospital (phase-3), etc.

(f)     Economic Empowerment projects - provide assistance to deserving individuals who have the potential to become successful entrepreneurs. Mobilizing Zakat for this purpose could turn the table in favour of the Muslim community. Piecemeal Zakat contributions usually end up being consumed very fast, producing nothing that could help an individual in his struggle for long-term sustainability. But, a pool could provide individuals with enough resources to establish small-business ventures feasibility studies, guidance, moral and physical support from members can help generate sustainable medium of earnings and important source of employment, etc.

In these model schools, Bihar Anjuman may be able to contribute by

1)       inspiring some volunteers to teach, either free or on payment on part-time basis,

2)       arranging some reputed teachers from other schools to teach at least once a week, either free or on payment on part-time basis,

3)       providing the teacher's salary (the amount that cannot be managed through fees taken from those students who can pay and through other sources),

4)       establishing relationship with organizations that are ready to contribute in any manner, and establishing contact with generous contributors from all over the world,

5)       guiding the management of these schools, and the students, through members who visit their native places during their leave, etc,

6)       providing infrastructure that the school can't manage (furniture, lab equipment, etc). Funds may also be arranged from government schemes or through other NGOs,

7)       improving the quality of education (by contributing quality books, quality teachers, quality equipment, quality guidance) that can make this school so famous that rich students are ready to get admissions into the school and the fees contributed by them make the school self-sufficient .

Finally (for the time being), the MOST IMPORTANT part: ownership (not in its literal sense, but for managing to make a success of it) of these model schools must be with the Anjuman representative who proposed the project (e.g., Perwez takes the ownership of his dream-project, and Asrar for his, etc.) this means assuming full responsibility of all follow-ups, reminders, fund-raising activities, promoting the concept to potential contributors, managing relationship with the management of these schools, coordinating all the Anjuman's activities (including anti-dowry movement) with them, thus becoming a link between this school and the Anjuman, etc. Of course, this doesn't mean that other members of this group will leave this owner-manager alone. We will do our best to help you in any ways we can.

Your comments and ideas, business models, strategies and plans, motivating thoughts, inspiring case-studies, fund-raising mechanisms & sources, etc. are welcome. What I have presented is just a rough sketch. Please remember that we need you to come forward and take the lead. Special request goes to the young turks. Don't think shy in coming forward and leading us oldies into action.