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Tafseer (Explanation) of Quran [Online Videos to help learn Islamic Art of Living]

A. Dr. Israr Ahmed [English Tafseer]  

English Tafseer- Part-1 to Part-10

English - Part-11 to Part-20
English - Part-21 to Part-30 English - Part-31 to Part-40
English - Part-41 to Part-50 English - Part-51 to Part-60
English - Part-61 to Part-70 English - Part-71 to Part-80
English - Part-81 to Part-90 English - Part-91 to Part-100
English - Part-101 to Part-113 Downloadable (wmv) Videos Page 

B. Dr. Israr Ahmed's Urdu Tafseer of Quran

Quran Introduction Surah Fatihah (Chapter-1) Surah Al-Baqarah (chapter-2)
Aale-imran (chapter-3) An-Nisa (chapter-4) Al-Ma'edah (chapter-5)
Al-Anaam (chapter-6) Al-Araf (chapter-7) Al-Anfal (chapter-8)
Al-Taubah (chapter-9) Al-Yunus (chapter-10) Surah Hud (chapter-11)
Al-Yusuf (chapter-12) Ar-Ra'ad (chapter-13) Al-Ibrahim (chapter-14)
Al-Hijr (chapter-15) Al-Nahl (chapter-16) Al-Isra (chapter-17)
Al-Kahf (chapter-18) Maryam (chapter-19) Taha (chapter-20)
Al-Anbiya (chapter-21) Al-Hajj (chapter-22) Al-Mumenoon (chapter-23)
Al-Noor (chapter-24) Al-Furqan (chapter-25) As-Shu'ara (chapter-26)
An-Naml (chapter-27) Al-Qasas (chapter-28) Al-Ankaboot (chapter-29)
Ar-Room (chapter-30) Luqman (chapter-31) As-Sajdah (chapter-32)
Al-Ahzab (chapter-33) Surah Saba (chapter-34) Surah Fatir (chapter-35)
Ya'seen (chapter-36) As-Saffat (chapter-37) Sa'ad (chapter-38)
A-Zumar (chapter-39) Ghafir (chapter-40) Fussilat (chapter-41)
Al-Shoora (chapter-42) Al-Zukhruf (chapter-43) Al-Dukhan (chapter-44)
Al-Jathiya (chapter-45) Al-Ahqaf (chapter-46) Muhammad (chapter-47)
Al-Fath (chapter-48) Al-Hujraat (chapter-49) Surah Qaf (chapter-50)
Ad-Dhariyat (chapter-51) At-Tur (chapter-52) An-Najm (chapter-53)
Al-Qamar (chapter-54) Ar-Rahman (chapter-55) Al-Waqia (chapter-56)
Al-Hadid (chapter-57) Al-Mujadila (chapter-58) Al-Hashr (chapter-59)
Al-Mumtahina (chapter-60) Al-Saff (chapter-61) Al-Juma'a (chapter-62)
Al-Munafiqoon (chapter-63) Al-Taghabun (chapter-64) Al-Talaq (chapter-65)
Al-Tahrim (chapter-66) Al-Mulk (chapter-67) Al-Qalam (chapter-68)
Al-Haaqqa (chapter-69) Al-Maarij (chapter-70) Surah Nooh (chapter-71)
Al-Jinn  (chapter-72) Al-Muzammil (chapter-73) Al-Muddathir (chapter-74)
Al-Qiyama (chapter-75) Al-Insan (chapter-76) Al-Mursalat (chapter-77)
An-Naba (chapter-78) An-Naziat (chapter-79) Abasa (chapter-80)
Alt-Takwir (chapter-81) Al-Infitar (chapter-82) Al-Mutaffifin (chapter-83)
Al-Inshiqaq (chapter-84) Al-Burroj (chapter-85) At-Tariq (chapter-86)
Al-Ala (chapter-87) Al-Ghashiya (chapter-88) Al-Fajr (chapter-89)
Al-Balad (chapter-90) Ash-Shams (chapter-91) Al-Lail (chapter-92)
Ad-Dhuha (chapter-93) Al-Inshirah (chapter-94) At-Teen (chapter-95)
Al-Alaq (chapter-96) Al-Qadr (chapter-97) Al-Bayyinah (chapter-98)
Al-Zalzala (chapter-99) Al-Adiyat (chapter-100) Al-Qaria (chapter-101)
Takathur (chapter-102) Al-Asr (chapter-103) Al-Humaza (chapter-104)
Al-Feel (chapter-105) Quraish (chapter-106) Al-Ma'oon (chapter-107)
Al-Kauther (chapter-108) Al-Kafiroon (chapter-109) Al-Nasr (chapter-110)
Al-Masadd (chapter-111) Al-Ikhlas (chapter-112) Al-Falaq (chapter-113)
An-Nas (chapter-114) + Concluding Speech

C. Tafseer (Explanation) of Quran by Abul A'ala Maududi [Tafseer]

Most Valuable Barter Deal [Reserve Jannah Cheap and Easy (9:111)]
Tafheemul Quran: Surah Fateha (#001)
Tafheemul Quran: Al-Takathur (Surah # 102)
Introduction of Surah Al-Falaq & An-Nas (Muwazzitain, Surah # 113 and 114)
Tafheemul Quran: Surah An-Nas (#114)
Tafheemul Quran: Surah Ya-Seen (# 36)


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