Online Videos: The Honourable Saint Mary (Dubbed in English)


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Online Videos: The Honourable Saint Mary (Dubbed in English)

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Super-hit Movie: The Honourable Saint Mary (Dubbed in English)

Please take note: the purpose of hosting this movie is not to disregard the fatwas of those scholars who disallow the making, showing or watching of movies. The purpose is just to learn Islamic history through a movie. Using this medium may not be suitable for those who are comfortable using alternative media (books, audios, contact classes, etc. which are more preferable) to learn history of Islam. It suits those who feel uncomfortable reading books, listening to audios or attending lectures, classes, etc.

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About this Video:

"The Honourable Saint Mary" (Dubbed in English)

also known as 'Maryam Al-Muqadasa'

(Islamic Movie) (2004)

[please note , the image of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not shown nor his voice is heard]

Length : 1 hour 53 mins

Language : English

Islamic movie based on Quraanic Verses and Traditions.

Award winning Persian/Farsi film on Saint Mary, Mother of Hazrat Essa (a.s) 'The Messiah', is now available in English. This 114 minutes Persian/Farsi film dubbed in English language revolves around the character of Janabe Maryam e Muqaddasa, till the birth of Isa (a.s) the awaited Messiah.

Based on Quraanic Version, this film is a beautiful representation of the whole life of Saint Mary. It also portrays the truth loving personalities like Hazrat Zakariya & Saint Mary against the Priest of the Solomon Temple who altered the Religion of God according to their own wishes , the Movie is a Divine Lesson from the Holy Quran.

This is a movie of the life of Saint Mary(A), the mother of Jesus(A). The films recounts her life from when she was born, to the birth of Jesus(A).