Online Videos: Abdurraheem Green: Dawa In The Park


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Online Videos of Abdurraheem Green: Dawa In The Park, Volume-4, Video-1 to Video-7

About this video

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Dawa in the Park, Volume Four (1/28)


Dawa in the Park,  Volume Four (2/28)


Dawa in the Park,  Volume Four (3/28)


Dawa in the Park,  Volume Four (4/28)


Dawa in the Park,  Volume Four (5/28)


Dawa in the Park,  Volume Four (6/28)


Dawa in the Park,  Volume Four (7/28)


Next: Volume Four (8/28) to (14/28)

About This Video

In this video Sheikh Abdurraheem Green and Sheikh Abdurrahmaan Al-Dimishqia give daw'ah to people at the Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, England.

Sheikh Abdurraheem Green: Anthony Green was born in 1964 in Dar es Salam, in Tanzania where his father, Gavin Green CBE was colonial administrator. He was educated at Ampleforth College, a Roman Catholic monastic boarding school and studied Modern History in Royal Holloway College of the University of London. His disillusionment with Chirstianity in particular and the materialistic orientation of modern Western Civilization in general lead him to search through the world's great religions and ideologies. After reading a translation of the Qur'aan he felt that this book alone stood out as being of divine origin. He embraced Islam in 1987 and became known as Abdurraheem Green. Since then he has been actively involved in Daw'ah around the UK and abroad. He has travelled extensively throughout the world sharing his knowledge of Islam and calling mankind to the worship of the One True Lord - Allah, and has authored several papers which have been published on the internet.