Videos for Learning Islam: Cartoons of Hate ... Prophet of Love


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Videos for Learning Islam: Cartoons of Hate ... Prophet of Love

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Woman (Namita) accepts ISLAM in International Conference, on 24th November 2007, Mumbai, after getting sufficiently motivated by Dr. Zakir Naik with an answer to her question. Allah-o-Akbar! Subhanallah! click here to view the clip

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Cartoons of Hate .... Prophet of Love

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About this Video: In September 2005, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons claiming to depict the Prophet Muhammad. After much media attention the situation escalated into a media frenzy encompassing governments, politicians and entire populations, in a debate that was being dubbed Islam vs the west.

Included in this DVD presentation are three lectures which analyse the crisis through events in the life of the Prophet, upon him be peace. Bringing clarity to a confluence of manipulation and misunderstanding, they offer timeless guidance on this and similar issues.

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