Online Videos: Young Girl of 8 years is Hafiza of Quran and its translation (Urdu)


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Online Videos: Young Girl of 8 Hafiz of Quran Miracle (Urdu)

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Viewers are advised to neglect some comments of the organizers of this event that they find offensive. This video is hosted here to simply present the fact that miracles still occur with Allah's unlimited mercy over mankind. Subhanallah!

Young Girl Hafiz of Quran Miracle Part 1/2


Young Girl Hafiz of Quran Miracle Part 2/2


About This Video

Her name is Syeda Uruj Fathima, she has the entire Quran in her memory and is only 8 years old.
As you watch the video the speaker will ask her to read verses from the Quran by just giving the verse numbers and chapter name/number. He asks her to read specific random parts of chapters.
He then asks her previous verses from the ones she just read. She also translates any verse from the arabic to urdu - quite amazing considering the Quran has got 114 chapters & 6000+ verses.

If thats not enough later on in the video a person has the Quran infront of him and points to random verses while she is not looking and she is asked to recite which one he is pointing to - amazingly she knows.

They call her the Quran Computer. What's more amazing than all this is the Quran itself which contains many miracles, scientific, geographic, astronomical explanations, future predictions.

Note from the webmaster: we have not independently verified the authenticity of this video, and hence take no responsibility whatsoever.