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Muslim (non necessarily Islamic) Names for Boys

Aazad (free, independent - Persian word)
Aban (abaan-more clear)
Abbad (abbaad-great worshipper)
Abbas (abbaas-name of the Prophet's uncle)
Adib (adeeb - cultured, civilised)
Affan (affaan-name of Caliph Uthman's father)
Ajwad (better)
Allam (very knowledgeagble)
Almas (diamond)
Amir (aamir-thriving, prosperous)
Ammar (ammaar-great builder)
Aniq (neat, elegant, smart)
Antar (name of Arab hero of chivalry)
Arwarh (more delicate, more gracious)
Ashraf (more noble)
Asif (aasif-describer)
Asil (aseel-genuine, pure)
Asir (captivating, fascinating)
Askari (soldier)
Awwab (awwaab-great repenter to God)
Ayaz (ayaaz-slave [Persian])

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Muslims must be MODERATES only

Ayham (imaginary)

Ayman (right-handed, lucky)

Azhar (very or more evident - Arabic word)
Baariq (shining, lighting, illuminating)
Bakir (baakir-early)
Basil (brave, bold, valiant)
Basim (baasim-smiling)
Baz (falcon)
Dara (possessor, sovereign)
Diwan (royal court, tribunal of justice)
Faiq (faa-eq- outstanding, awake)
Fakih (fakeeh-pleasant)
Faqih (faqeeh - wise)
Fatih (faateh-conqueror, opener)
Haidar (lion)
Haitham (lion)
Hamdan (praiser (of God))
Hamza (name of the Prophet's uncle)
Hariz (strong, secure, guarded)
Hasan (beautiful, good)
Hashim (haashim-smasher, name of the Prophet great grandfather)
Hisham (hishaam - popular Arab name)
Humam (humaam- generous, heroic)
Husain (demunitive form of Hasan (above))
Imad (pillar, post, support)
Iqbal (iqbaal - advance, advent)
Isam (isaam-self-made success)
Jalal (jalaal-glory, splendour)
Jamal (jamaal-beauty)
Jamil (jameel-beautiful)
Jasim (great & famous)
Jawwad (jawwaad-generous)
Kamil (perfect, complete, genuine, learned)
Labib (labeeb-wise)
Laith (lion)
Mahdi (guided one)
Mansur (mansoor-victorious)
Marwan (marwaan-name of an Omayad caliph who built the Dome of the Rock)
Muaz (protected)
Munsif (just, fair)
Muntasir (winner)
Murad (muraad-aim)
Muslih (reformer)
Muslim (surrender (to God))
Muslim (surrender to God)
Muwaffaq (fortunate)
Nabih (noble, famous)
Nail (naa-yel-achiever)
Nawaf (nawaaf-popular Arab name)
Nawfal (popular Arab name)
Nazir (bright)
Najm (star, planet)
Nasif (just)
Numan (numaan-blood)
Pasha (lord, honourific title)
Qa'id (qaayed-leader)
Qadir (able, powerful)
Quds (holiness, sanctity)
Rafi (exalted)
Raghib (willing, desirous)
Rashad (rashaad-good sense, maturity)
Rauf (ra-oof-merciful)
Rayhan (ease, fragrant, comfort)
Sadiq (saadiq-truthful)
Safwan (popular Arab name)
Samir (companion, entertainer)
Sayid (sayy-id-chief, leader)
Shakil (shakeel-beautiful)
Sharaf (honour)
Tawqir (goodluck, success (granted by Allah))
T'ariq (taariq-knocker)
Tazim (honour)
Usaid (small lion)
Waiz (preacher)
Wasi (broad-minded)
Yusuf (Joseph)
Ziad (ziyaad - popular Arab name)
Ziaul-Haq (Zia-ul-Haq - "Light of Truth")
Zoheb "little gold" - the dimunitive form of zahab [correct Arabic is: dhahab]
Zohoor (appearance)
Zuhair (demunitive form of zahr (flower)

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