Online Videos of Abdullah Hakim Quick: Is Christmas From Christianity? (English)


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Online Videos of Abdullah Hakim Quick: Is Christmas From Christianity? (English)

About this Video

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Abdullah Hakim Quick - Is Christmas From Christianity? Who invented Christianity?


About This Video

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"The Truth About Holidays" by Abdullah Hakim Quick
Purchase the full-length lecture at or call 1-800-607-9810

In the Student Union Center at the University of Miami, Abdullah Hakim Quick delivers another enlightening and unforgettable talk about the true origins of the major holidays celebrated in the West. With many non-Muslim students in attendance, Sheihk Quick explains that throughout time there has been a constant struggle between those who believe in one God and those who believe in many gods. And these struggles resulted in many compromises on the part of those who would ultimately influence and shape many modern day religious ceremonies and celebrations. And what comes to us today are rituals not condoned by the prophets and messengers of God, but rather mixed-up beliefs and practices that can be attributed to ancient pagan culture. The major celebrations analyzed in this talk are: Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween.

Other topics discussed: Muslim holidays, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, the Sabbath, dealing with holidays in the school curriculum and pork being served at the cafeteria, celebrating birthdays, the origins of the hajj, and having non-Muslims as friends.