Online Videos: Experiences of Revert of Islam - Napoleon from Outlawz accepts Islam


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  Experiences of Reverts: Napoleon from Outlawz accepts Islam

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Napoleon from Outlawz accepts Islam


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About this Video

The Outlawz was an American rap group from Essex County, New Jersey, founded by Tupac Shakur in late 1995 after his release from prison.

Brother Mutah Beal (Napoleon) was a member of the group, before he accepted Islam.

He also had acting experience in the movie 'Thug Life'. Brother Mutah has disassociated himself from that lifestyle of music and now has accepted the deen of Allah. Watch this video and find out how he went from a rapper (gangster) lifestyle, sleeping with a gun under his bed, making rap videos, owning three houses, to now where he lives a simple lifestyle of Islam and how he would never go back to that lifestyle again.