Online Videos: Experiences of Revert of Islam - Youtube Series - Sister StAischaa


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  Experiences of Reverts: Youtube Series - Sister StAischaa

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MuslimReverts On Youtube Series - Sister StAischaa


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About this Video

The Muslim Revert on Youtube Series introduces you to Sister: StAischaa (Linda)
Sister StAischaa taking her Shahada at Al-Azhar AlShareef University in Egypt (Masha'Allah) she is truly lucky and we congratulate her and welcome her unto the straight Path to Allah's mercy.

Please support all our brothers and sisters on Youtube.
You can visit sister StAischaa's own channel here on Youtube to learn more and to show your support

If you are a Muslim Revert and would like to contribute to this series, please send me a private message with the name and URL of the clip you would like to feature (preferably taking Shahada or talking about how you found Islam).
Jazakum Allahu Khairan. Salaam!