Online Videos: The Making of a Muslim Terrorist, an award winning documentary film


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  The Making of a Muslim Terrorist

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The Making of a Muslim Terrorist


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About this Video

Narendra Modi, an RSS prodigy and chief minister of Gujrat in India, had let loose dance of death and terror on Muslims under the staged precursor of 9/11-like attack on Hindu pilgrims. The attack has since been established as a case of fire accident rather than a pre-meditated attack by Muslims over Hindus in an enquiry done by Indian government and forensic authorities.

Nevertheless, under the guise of 'they started it first', the complete law and order breakdown and active connivance of state machinery to target about 2000 innocent Muslims and butcher, rape and roast them alive, is unique in Indian history.

The wounds lives on as none of the crime perpetrators, involved at any level of executing this pogrom, has been brought to book.

This Film won Best Documentary & Critic's Choice at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, as well as the Wolfgang Staudte Award & Special Jury Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.