Online Videos of Ziaullah Khan: Money, Materialism, and the Muslim Mindset


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  Videos by Ziaullah Khan: Money, Materialism, and the Muslim Mindset

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Money, Materialism, and the Muslim Mindset

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Ziaullah Khan is the Director for the Centre for Islamic Development (CID) in Halifax. The CID is a community-oriented outreach organization. The Centre was established with the intent of providing a social support and educational outlet for the Muslim community, to understand Islam, and thus to defend it. The Centre provides Islamic courses on comparative religion and other areas of Islamic law, jurisprudence and understanding. A Qur’an memorisation program is available five days a week for men, women and children; these and other functions help Muslims living in the West keep their Islamic indentity. Another focal point of the Centre is countering the adverse and distorted views put forth on Islam and Muslims, through the media and otherwise. At the Centre, special efforts are made to promote and disseminate accurate information about Islam. Imam Ziaullah is also the Friday Prayer leader for the Muslim Student’s Association at Dalhousie University. He is also host of a local radio show “Salam Halifax.” This show is aimed at presenting Islam to non-Muslims. As well, the show covers various social and political issues, geared at generating awareness of information not readily available through mainstream media. Imam Zia Khan is a speaker throughout Canada and Britain, as well as other countries. His travel engagements involve lectures for engaging with non-Muslims, education for Muslims, and T.V. and radio interviews.