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BaKhabar, Vol 4, Issue 12, December 2011
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Meet Environmental Targets, don’t target the Environment
By Sidra Bibi, student of BS Environmental Science, SBK University, Quetta


Environment, in which we live, is our home. So, what does a home need? Undeniably, a home needs unusual care, attention, compensation, interests and some considerations which are being provided to our homes by us but, why this care, attention and interest is not being given to our environment? The only reason is that because we don’t actually consider environment as our home but in fact we are deadly going to destroy it by our activities or so called “development”.
There is an immense need to solve and manage the issues of environment which acquire a proper system of managing such as environmental management system. These issues are closely related to our each and every aspects of life i.e. socially, economically and ethically etc. The management system requires some strapping keys such as management responsibilities, positive and environmental friendly activities, physical processes and control mechanism. But, most notably the system of managing the environment surely needs the individual responsibilities and individual awareness.
In Pakistan, no effective management system is seemed working to solve the problems. A most common and frequent example of bad environmental management system in country is that once it rains, the streets offer the scene of rivers or lakes even in the large and well established cities! That further leads to its terrible and dreadful impacts either in the form of any epidemic disease or any huge loss of economy. One uncontrolled and challenging consequence of poorly managed system is in front of us in the form of Dengue virus that have resulted more than 350 deaths of people in Punjab.
Flood began in late July 2010, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan regions of Pakistan and affected the Indus River basin. It resulted in enormous and massive destruction of food and important infrastructure. It was driven by unprecedented monsoon rain. It affected 20 million people. Flood had caused the deaths of at least 1,540 people, while 2,088 people had received injuries, 557,226 houses had been destroyed, and over 6 million people had been displaced. In short the flood has left extreme and farthest aftermaths behind it. But in 2011, again facing the same situation of flood proves that there is an exceedingly deprived management system in country that needs to be improved and effective.
Many seminars and workshops are held every year to seek the solutions for problems related to environment such as on climate, health, pollution etc but tormenting point is this that next year, these seminars are held with same discussion and same problems. No betterment is seemed in that issue on which seminars and workshops are arranged. The problems remain same but the money spent on organizing these seminars increases year by year.
It becomes serious responsibility of government (city or local government, provincial government and federal government) to solve the issue of mismanagement of environmental system. Government must be efficient in making environmental friendly policies and also in regulating and implementing these policies. It also becomes a duty of each and every sector that their services do not harm the environment and hence meet he environmental targets.                                  
As it is well said by Wendell berry,
But the only possible guarantee of the future is responsible behavior in the present.       
Pen has the power to prevail truth 
.... By Shah Alam <> (Former Correspondent, Hindustan Times), Currently a Research Scholar, Centre for Women’s Studies, AMU

Charaaghon ko ye chaahiye, bachaayen apni zindagi.
Hawaayen to safar me hain, hawaayen kaise kam chalen.
Baghair kuchh kahe hue, Khulega kaise raaz e gham.
Zabaanen band hain agar, to haath ke qalam chalen.

These lines of Haq Kanpuri have come true in the present days in India. Our country is facing turmoil because of increasing number of communal riots these days. The state as well as the central government has failed to curb communal violence. The ruling party and the opposition parties are trying to win the minds of the people by giving their fake statements and speeches with an eye on grabbing the votes of the general public by diverting their minds. No party has raised the voice against communal violence. Hundreds of innocent people including children were murdered in orchestrated communal riots this year.    top
Public should not stop in raising their voice for the genuine causes. If they are unable to speak, they should start writing against the wrong policies made by our beloved politicians. They should demand their rights which they deserve. Every citizen has got right to save his life and liberty. The violence is a natural phenomenon that may not be stopped, but everybody will have to take care of himself. Nobody should become dependent on others.
Pen is mightier than the sword
Every coin has got two phases. On the one phase, there are many people who do not want any turmoil. They always want peaceful atmosphere. On the contrary, some people always try to create chaos in the society, sometimes through their speeches, and sometimes through playing with the religious sentiments.                                                      
No case would be solved if we always remain silent. No conspiracy would be exposed, if we remain silent. Perpetrators would continuously create turmoil everywhere, if we remain silent. We’ll have to confront them to curb the violence and to help maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes people fear in giving their reactions towards any issue or any riot because of prevailing circumstances. If we cannot share our views orally, we can share these through our pen.

It is proved that the pen has played a vital role everywhere in attaining the demands and in letting the people know about the truth. Mahatma Gandhi, too, used to express his opinions, in words, to make the public aware of their rights and duties. He always published his messages in the newspapers. It was not easy to reach everywhere in the country to teach lessons of independence when every Indian was struggling to get independence. Mahatma Gandhi spread his messages through his writings.

We can cite the recent examples of communal violence. If the dignitaries would not have written on Bharatpur riots, nobody would know the fact. As soon as people came to know the reality by reading the write ups of the dignitaries, they started giving their reactions towards these. The effect of the writing was realized when the home minister of Rajasthan gave in, and submitted his resignation. There are many more issues which were only exposed when people wrote on those issues. Sometimes the issues reached the public much after the happening because nobody wrote on such issues.
If we want to live a peaceful life, then it is our duty to write for the genuine demands and against the dirty policies as well as actions of the perpetuators.
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