BaKhabar, Vol 6, Issue 12, October 2013
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Make your Zakat/ Khairat/ Sadaqat do much more [100% utilization]: Educate poor girls; give them Class-rooms and drinking water facility (in hostel)

Personality Development Programs arranged by Bihar Anjuman in RAHBAR-e-Banat madarsa-cum-school for girls (Rahimabad village of Saamastipur district), 10th November 2012
With your cooperation, a lot has been done, alhamdolillah, by Bihar Anjuman. But, whatever has been done is hardly a few drops in an ocean of opportunities and in the ocean of needs of the community. Education is the key to empowerment, and the real jihad at the moment. As real muslims who are pioneers of the culture-of-giving, when you give away your zakat, khairat, or sadaqat, let's make the best use of this money for educating poor community girls at RAHBAR-e-Banat Madrasa-cum-School project []. The boundary wall of the 3 storey hostel bldg has been completed after last Eid, Alhamdolillah (it's a girls madrasa, so safety is the prime consideration for the yateem girls who would be accommodated free of cost, and for the lady teachers who wish to live in the campus) .
RAHBAR-e-Banat Roof Slab of 3rd storey being cast on 29th Oct 2011
We need to finish and furnish the hostel, now, and then start the construction of class-rooms, insha-Allah. We need to raise Rs. 25 lakhs on priority basis, so that we can at least completely furnish the hostel bldg, complete the foundation of the class-room bldg (that is, come above ground) and at least 3 class-rooms, insha-Allah.
We need to your suggestions as much as the funds, so please feel free to write to us (
Jazakallaho Khairan!
RAHBAR Coaching Centres Produce Much Better Results than Most Commercial Coaching Centres for Matric exam [More than 97% cross the 1st major hurdle of their career]:
Total of 300 students could make it this year, in the matric (10th Bihar and Jharkhand board exams) from the 18 active centres (that kept track of their students after classes got over in the RCCs) during current academic year, alhamdolillah. Unfortunately, 10 students out of a total of 310 appeating in the 10th Board exams could not make it. Most of these are students who were not regular in classes during the current year - there are various reasons for this, including general hopelessness among this economic class of people, working to fulfill the daily needs of the populous family. The students who have consistently been with the RCCs from 8th grade (in the 3 centres which started in 2010) have done excellently well, thus making a case for “catching them young”.

A total of 119 students could achieve first division (40%), while 154 received second division and 27 students were placed in the third division. The passing rate of all 
RCCs combined is 97% which is an excellent jump from last year’s 91.3%. The 97% pass-rate was not achieved by most commercial coaching centres that we have information about.

The academic level of students who join the 
RCCs has always been very low, because they come only from the government schools (as a policy of RCCs) wherein teaching hardly takes place. Unless these muslim students are coached to cross the threshold of 10th board, the percentage in higher studies cannot be increased. The huge drop in the number of failed students is definitely a source of satisfaction and encouragement. It does require a lot of guts to take up the challenge of transforming the non-meritorious lot into the meritorious ones, that is, churning heroes out of zeros. And, although the real heroes are the students who get transformed in these RCCs, the volunteers (committee members) and teachers are no lesser heroes whose untiring efforts makes such inspiring headlines.
matric results, 2013: rahbar-coaching-centres
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