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Number 9, September 2008

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Rules Of Ramadan

The intention for fasting is in the heart, no verbal intention is to be uttered.

While fasting: Recite the Quran as much as possible and reflect upon its meanings. Observe the five prayers properly at their times. Increase in good actions such as charity. Provide food at the time for your brothers and sisters who are fasting. Refrain from backbiting, lying and indecent speech.

Etiquette of Eating: At the beginning of a meal say, Bismillaah ("In the name of Allah") Eat with your right hand. Eat that which is nearest to you. Do not criticize the food. Do not waste food or be extravagant. Do not eat too much. Any food left on ones finger should be licked.

On completion of a meal recite:


“All praise is for Allah, who has given me this (food to eat) and provided me without any effort or power on my part."

Do not delay in breaking the fast (Aftar) once the sun has set. It is preferable to break the fast with dates (or else with water)

The best form of Suhoor is: Dates. Delay it, as much as possible i.e. right until the time for Fajr begins. Suhoor is a blessed meal that should not be neglected.

Rahbar Job information Centre

Rahbar Job information Centre, Imarat Sharia Patna, informs that since December 2007, twenty (20) persons have been able to find jobs abroad as per the following break-up of posts:

AC Technicians – 5 persons, Plumbers-3, Electrician -2, Draftman-1, Painter-1, Welder-1, Helpers-2, Site supervisor-1, Storekeeper-1, Accountant-1, Civil Engineer-1, Electrical Engineer-1.

All these have gone to join reputed firms with good salaries without incurring any expenditure. This was possible by the kind courtesies of some of our benevolent Anjuman members who are working in influential positions abroad.

It is hoped that all brothers who are blessed by Allah with a seat of power in this mortal world, will rise to the occasion and arrange more and more jobs for the unemployed persons of Bihar so that the economic conditions of the community as well as the State take a turn for the better.

Md Enam Khan,Patna
Email: enam200@rediffmail.com, Mobile:09334082259

Admissions in Andhra Pradesh

Please approach for admission to minority colleges of Engineering, Pharmacy and MBA/MCA in Andhra Pradesh. Only the Govt. fee is required to be paid which is minimum in AP as under: B.Tech/B.Pharm –Rs. 33000/-; MBA/MCA –Rs. 27000/-; Contact persons: Raziuddin: 09945451677; Minhajuddin: 09985769411; Email-razi@india.com

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