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BANEE Training Centre, Patna

Location: Najam High School, Phulwari Sharif, Patna

Contact: Md.Enam Khan, 9334082259, Email: enam200@rediffmail.com

Career Guidance seminar for ITI students of Imarat Sharia, Patna and other job-seekers, 11-12-2007

Report on Successful opening Ceremony of Banee Training Centre

Respected members,
Patna Chapter is glad to inform you that Banee Training Centre is inaugurated on27th May 2007, in presence of Br. Aijazul Haque sb. Our chief guest was Janab S. Nizamuddin Sb; we are thankful to him that at the age of 90 years, he came to our centre where as temperature of patna was 43 C.
The programmed started with Tilawat-e-Quran, and then Mr. Najmul Hassaan Najmi welcomes the guest after that br. Aijazul Haque Sb; briefed to local gentries consist of ladies as well as gentlemen about Bihar Anjuman activities after that I explained the aim and object of Banee Training Centre to local people, how they can take advantage of this centre, elderly people as well as students of 10 to 12 classes.
There were lot of questions from ladies and intellectual persons. This question period extended to one hour. After that our chief guest briefed the importance of computer which he saw first time in 1940 in U.S.A. Programmed ended on his dua. Nazish Hashmi, a student of Engineering College thanks all the visitors. Membership process is going on; I will let you know the number of members in a few days. Please note we have only 5 computers. The Training Centre will start from 1st June Inshaallah.
Attached some of the photograph.
Enam Khan

Location of the centre

The class-room

Janab Enam Khan Sb in an informal chat with chief guest and others

The launching ceremony: Q&A session in progress

The launching ceremony: briefing session in progress

The launching ceremony: a view of the female audience

The launching ceremony: a view of the male audience