Free Eye Camp Report


Posted on 07th December, 2005

Camps organized from 06th November 2005 till 18th of November 2005 at Al-Noor Eye Hospital Sabalpur, Patna and Maulana Sajjad Memorial Hospital, Phulwari Shareef

July 2006: Next 7-days Free Eye Camp, details to follow

My dear members,
Assalamoalaikum Warahmatullah Wabrakatuh.

July 2006: Seminar titled “Islam aur Khidmate Khalq”, at Emarat-e-Sharia, Patna - speakers from different parts of India will participate

Hope you are all keeping well. May Allah bless you with good health, vigour and vitality and accept your services in what ever form you are rendering.


I am back in Makkah and very sorry for the late communication as I was sick since my stay in Patina. Brother Dr. Imtiyaz noticed my sickness and his loving son Dr. Khalid Khan was first to prescribe the medicine for me and Dr. Imtiyaz pressed me to start the treatment while we had a meeting with Hazrat Amir Shariyat Maulana Nizamuddin Saheb at Phulwari Shareef. The Sinusitis, Bronchitis, and Bronchial Asthma I was carrying till I came here and I had to go Medical leave after my joining.
Alhamdulillah, I am fine and busy in my daily schedule. Remember me in your prayers.

I am proud to declare that we did our best this year for our mission. We used the most latest technique of Cataract surgery existing on this planet “PHACOEMULSIFICATION WITH FOLDABLE INTRAOCULAR LENS IMPLANT”, that too FREE of cost as usual. I believe nobody is doing it FREE in India as this operation is a costly affair. Each operation is charged between 12,000 to 20,000 Indian Rs. We performed about 48 such cases excluding 382 simple cataract operation with IOL implant. I wish to felicitate my dear friends and colleague Dr. P.K. SHARMA from ALIGARH and Dr. SYED NEYAZUL HAQUE of NETRA JYOTI SEWA MANDIRAM (VIRAYTAN EYE HOSPITAL) RAJGEER. My other partner DR. MOHAMMAD AZAM from DARBHANGA who is looking after my Al-Noor Hospital, Sabal Pur in my absence.

I am very much thankful of Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan who visited our Hospital .He was kind to see our small unit and methodology of conducting such camps with limited infra structure and limited resources. Dr. Khalid Khan was astonished to see the unique team work. Dr.Imtiyaz asked me how I manage ? Many asked me this question but the reply is always: Allah takes such services from us, we don’t know how we do the bulk of surgeries with full satisfaction to our patients without any complication. Our team work is creditable. Each and every person of the team knows his responsibilities and his job. May Allah accept our services! This year some known personality of Bihar visited our camp and we got DOAS - Padamshree Dr. Mohammad Kaleem Aajiz sahib noted poet, preacher and literature ,Maulana Anisur Rahman Saheb, Nazim Imarat Shariya, Phulwari Shareef also visted twice.

Following is the brief schedule of events, as previously programmed.

Nov 2nd: Reached Patna
Nov 4th: Celebrated Eid with our family. Meeting with rep of Pharmaceutical and equipment companies.
Nov 5th: Preparation for camp .
Nov 6th: Screening clinic started functioning with selection of operable cases and started surgeries in the same night.
Nov 7th: Dr. Mohammad Azam joined me with his 5 members team. Second day of Surgery
Nov 8th: OPD as well as surgeries.
Nov 9th: Surgeries and Follow ups.
Nov 10th: Phaco surgeries at Imarat Shariya by Dr. Syed Neyazul Haque. Dr.Ahmad Abdul Hai, Mr. Suhail Ahmad Khan (Chairman, Minority commission) were there along with Amir Shariyat and Nazim, Imarat Shariya with full coverage by Media.
Nov 11th: Dr.P.K.Sharma joined us in the evening.He came by Jet Airways from Delhi along with his 3 members team.
Nov 12th: Phaco surgeries by Dr. P.K.Sharma.
Nov 13: Preparation for Imarat Shariya camp.
Nov14-15: Surgeries at Maulana Sajjad Memorial Hospital Phulwari Shareef.
Nov 16th: Visit to Rajgir Viraytan Hospital, Met Dr. Neyaz and Dr. Sanaullah there.
Nov 17th: Visited Olhan Pur, Chhapra along with Maualna Anisurrahman sahib and ,met Dr. I.A.Khan sahib ,his son and family.
Nov 18: Packup day.
Nov 19: Bihar assembly election in my area,Participated and casted vote.
Nov 20: Visit of Dr.Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan, Dr.Saroj Anis, Mr Ejaz Haque and other dignitaries
Nov 21: Visit of Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan to Imarat Shariya and meeting with Amir Shariyat along with other people.
Nov 22: Left Patna by train for Aligarh.
Nov 23: Reached Aligarh and attended Anjuman meeting with Imtiyaz bhai at V.M.Hall, AMU Aligarh.
Nov 24-28: House hold work and social meeting at Aligarh.
Nov 29th: left India for KSA.

I am thankful to my dear brother Shakeel Kakvi for helping me in my mission by printing leaflet and distributing it in different pockets in and around KAKO which helped few patients to come Sabalpur and got treated by me. This is the help I always need from other members. I again request you all Please help your poor people, neighbours, relatives by sending or directing them to see me on such occasions. I am not asking for any Chanda aur financial aids. I believe your help to needy people will be awarded by Allah Subhanahu tala. I am still in search of hundred percent or ninty percent turn up by sleeping people, whom I always inform by giving ads in Urdu daily, Elan in Juma and Eid khutba. Still the ratio is too little to tell you .Only 40%, It gives me frustration and depression.

Anyway I will continue my efforts and will pray for our dear ones.

Encouraged by the support of you people and our team members I am planning to have a Seven Day camp in July ,06. How many of you are ready to support ???.I will not mind conducting this camp under ANJUMAN BANNER. I hope this will be a fruitful venture.
We have 6 months time to organize. You can send me suggestion and your support.

Secondly, I am planning and have taken consent from Nazim, Imarat Shariya to conduct a seminar under the banner of BIHAR ANJUMAN at Imarat Shariya Phulwari Shareef on the occasion of next eye camp. The topic will be “Islam aur Khidmate Khalq” in which speakers from different parts of India will participate. Hope Br. Shakeel will support me in arranging such Seminar.

Please , don’t hesitate asking any question regarding EYE CAMP. I will be happy to reply.

Yours truly


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