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Native of Sabalpur village in the district of Patna, termed by Dr. I.A. Khan Sb as "Marde Mujahid", this living legend of Bihar is an eye surgeon employed in SECURITY FORCES HOSPITAL, Makkah Mokarrama since 1990.

MBBS: Graduated from Ranchi Medical College, 

M.S: Postgraduate from Aligarh Muslim University.

Special training: in JAPAN and SINGAPORE.

He runs a charitable rural Eye hospital in PATNA, conducting FREE EYE camps at JAGJOT NETRALAY chain (Al-Noor Rural Eye Hospital) since 1991 and has served more than 60,000 patients and operating upon 12,000 cataract patients till 2005. He arranges free operation, accommodation and food with time to time follow-ups.

Besides that his hospital examines patients, doing surgeries at a nominal fee of Rs. 30/ every 30th of the month.

In the year 2005, annual FREE EYE CAMPS were arranged from 06.11.05 till 18th of Nov,2005 at Al-Noor Eye Hospital Sabalpur, Patna and Maulana Sajjad Memorial Hospital, Phulwari Shareef.

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He is a prolific writer as well. He has already published (2004) a book titled as "HAMARI AANKHEIN" consisting of 30 of his published articles. Its Rasme ijra (unveiling ceremony) was organized at Imarat Sharia

His second book "JISM o JAN" is ready for publication in July 2006.

His third book titled "AANKHEIN AUR URDU SHAYERI" is part of his Ph.D thesis. He is enrolled with Maulana Azad Urdu University for pursuing his Ph.D in Urdu.
An excellent book that combines his professional knowledge with his Islamic pursuits, titled "MEDICAL PRACTICE IN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE" is currently underway. 

Another masterpiece, "FIFTH PILLAR" is also awaiting some of his dedicated time. 

At the age of 60 years, He has been more active than many from the younger generation, in helping people arriving in Makkah for Hajj and Umrah, and organizes get-togethers regularly for the intellectuals during their trips. He regularly organizes seminars on current Islamic topics and participates in those organized by others.

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He is also contributing one Scientific article in Urdu to URDU SCIENCE Magazine published from Delhi. 

A true asset for the community, he has made numerous friends, from all walks of life, who would vouch for his straightforward and pleasing personality.