Birth of a New Desire

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It was not long ago that I used to live in a village. To sum it up! it is around a decade and half that I left my village in pursuit of better career. My brothers were shining examples of how much could be achieved if one sacrifices the comforts of home. That also prompted me to accept the decision of my family to miss the luxury of home and spend my time in hostels.

District :: Darbhanga

Head Quarters: Darbhanga
Area: 2,279 KM2
Population: Total: 2510959 Rural: 2292568 Urban: 218391  
S.C.Population: Total: 365542 Rural: 342375 Urban: 23167  
S.T.Population: Total: 259 Rural: 111 Urban: 148  
Sub Divisions: Darbhanga Sadar, Benipur, Biraul
Blocks: Bahadurpur, Jale, Hayaghat, Singhwara, Benipur, Ghanshyampur, Baheri, Kewati, Manigachhi, Darbhanga, Biraul, Kusheswarsthan, Alinagar, Kusheswarsthan East, Gaura Vauram, Kiratpur , Hanuman Nagar , Tardih
Agriculture: Paddy
Industry: Paper mill, Sugar factories, Handloom.
Rivers: Kamla, Balan.

Back then I was also like any of the kids of my age. I didn't have the idea of this cantankerous world where we find debauchery, fraud and fanaticism at its zenith. But even at that time vague thoughts about some of the existing social anathemas used to come to my mind. The time passed briskly and I reached the prestigious institution called Aligarh Muslim University. Even there I was not satisfied with the overall achievements of Muslim masses. The more I thought about the plight of Muslims the more it took me into depression. One question always came to my mind, why the Muslims are looser at each and every front be it social, be it scientific or be it economic. The thoughts always plagued me and gave shivers. I was always at loss to comprehend the reasons behind the downfall of Muslims. Why are we lurching behind in all the fields although not long ago there were Muslims from all walks of life contributing in all the spheres of development? Can we dare to forget the Muslim greats such as Ibn Sina, El Zahrawi, Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Ibn Rushd, Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi, Abu Raihan al-Beruni etc. Their contributions are ever lasting to this world. 

After completion of my degree from AMU, I had a chance to pursue my education from one of the best German University. That somehow fulfilled my "personal desire" but didn't quench my thirst to know the reasons behind the decline of Muslims. During my stay in Germany (where I received my master degree and worked for Philips) I had various opportunities to interact and learn about many Muslims working for the upliftment of Muslim masses. These interactions gave me the answers to my question which had haunted me a long time from my childhood. All the answers were directed to the apathy of affluent Muslims towards the not so privileged members of the community. Have we ever thought why the Sikhs and Parsis are the most powerful community of our nation? 

Quila of Darbhanga Maharaj

I was highly impressed with the works of Brother Nafisul Hassan (an AMU alumni and running a school for the upliftment of poor community in Dehradun) & Brother Irfanullah (again an AMU alumni and running several educational programmes around Faizabad). But one reality chiseled me inside out. The stark reality is that there are none among us working for the socio-economic & educational empowerment of Bihari Muslim community. This paved way for my "Birth of a New Desire", a desire to help the poor suffering Muslim community back home. Naturally if the desire is pursued alone then its impact is usually limited. But I wanted my desire to be a big tree with strong roots. 

Main Gate of Aligarh Muslim University

Hence I started initiating contacts with like minded Bihari Muslims. To my good fortune, I came across some peoplew hose passion to do something for the community and the following quotes from Qur'an also worked as fuel to bring me closer to them.

Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity. [Quran 03:104] 

Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving Clear Signs: For them is a dreadful penalty. [Quran 03:105] 

Alhamdulillah we have grown stronger together as a unit. The last one year has brought many wonderful souls to our bandwagon. With them we have been able to initiate some quality work for the community. But it has also shown us that the path isn't so smooth and there will be many hurdles along the way. But we are determined and pray to Allah for our success.

It seems insha-Allah my desire which took birth during my stay in Germany is showing some results for the poor Muslim community of Bihar. It is not an individual's effort rather it is a collective effort from the concerned members. There is a long way to go!!! But the good things never die and insha-Allah this Anjuman will bear fruit and fulfill its objectives in days to come. Ameen!

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