Aid to Flood Victims of North Bihar, 2008, through RAHBAR and Imarat Shariah


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Flood Relief (2008) through RAHBAR (Bihar Anjuman's NGO: and Imarat Shariah (


Najmul Hassan Najmi's Report

Pictures from RAHBAR's camp in Supaul


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RAHBAR's Relief camp

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Imarat Sharia's appeal

Imarat's Report from the region

Presentation on the devastation

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Fund Collection through well-wishers of Bihar Anjuman (Indian Rs.)

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Total 3,889,365


  Delhi chapter (under the banner of RAHBAR) established its own camp, in Williams School of Supaul, the worst affected region, starting 15th September - they are providing Iftar and Suhoor directly to the people whose number has increased from 100 on the first day to more than 200 on the 4th day. This is a pilot project for RAHBAR. All expenses of the this relief camp will be borne by Dubai chapter. Rs. 45,000 has been transferred for this purpose on 10th September, 2008. View detailed budget for this relief camp. Budget has already been revised to Rs. 100,00 for this first phase [20 days x 200 people x Rs. 25 per person per day = Rs. 100,000]. For the 2nd phase, new clothes need to be supplied for Eid (as a pilot project, we would limit ourselves to Rs. 100,000). And a high budget rehabilitation program (construction of houses for those who have lost everything) will be launched, insha-Allah, as the 3rd phase after flood waters recede and an assessment survey is completed [Any amount for this phase may not be enough considering the damage caused, but we would limit ourselves to Rs. 50 lakhs or Rs. 5 million].