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22 Born Americans who converted to Islam went to Hajj together

About the Video: 22 Born American who converted to Islam and went to Hajj


Men : this is the most amazing thing that is ever happened to me in my life.
Woman: 2 million Muslims in one place. if I can get there its just like sea of people all doing the same thing.
men: Is just really hard to describe you know.... its.... its just amazing.
men: At first that was total shock, the people at work I started telling everyone at my work. I am going at Hajj. i am going to Saudi Arabia. And they said I looked like I was floating on air ... because I was so happy.
Woman: Someone told me the organization that was providing trips for people and they said that we have been approved and accepted.
men: It was over the weekend .... Exactly a month before we were supposed to leave and they said you are going get ready.
Then a man saying while standing after the music: "Umar bin khattab (RA) he heard the man praise another person, so umar bin khattab , he said did you ravel with him, he said no, he said did you do any business with him, he said no, he said then how do you know. How can you praise him then?" So in travel you know the real character of people, beacsue under the tension and stress the real character is real. And the... I don't think any other trip that has more stress and tension than Hajj. So be ready and remeber that if you are patient for this time the reward is Jannah.
man " John" : Because this trip made me become one with everybody's heart. its just this amazing feel... you can't explain it in words.
Kelly Weaver: Its a safe place, walk around here 2 o Clock in the morning [no one would] look behind your back... Totally different feeling.
Bridget R. Anthony: i met one sudani sister. She is maybe in her 70's and she knew a couple word of English, and i know a couple word of Arabic.. So mainly we spoke sentences with a lot of hand language. but i came to find out that she has three childrens and two have them had died and we shared that and we sat and we cried together even though we could not really communicate that well our hearts [came] together and then after that we shared and the worship of our creator together and we have a common prayer and a common language in that worship and i just think that Subhanallah... Allah is so wise ... God is so wise.
Benjamin A. Smith: Its been beautiful.... i met people with all over the world. Have some very good chance to meet with.... that have would have a chance to meet this not happened ... its been great ... you know you read about this in the books and see the pictures... but absolutely nothing compared to the experience when you are there.
Man: And its helped me to respect all people more, all human beings and the God's message is universal and it should go to everybody.
James Raynor: It really impacts you and helps you to really appreciate more what you doing and helps you to want to give more to those people who are half less than we do.
Greg "Abdullah" Fulamr : Times seems like it has no bearing here, sometimes I don't realize that i am awake for almost two days straight.
William " Suheib" webb : How many times i met people who said to me you know you are from America and they had a big smile on their face, they end up sharing whatever food they have with me, whatever drink they have with me. They did not hate me because I am an American.
Woman: Its definitely not a normal experience.. It means.... Its not like anything i have ever experienced before.
man: It how did changed me. How much renewed my faith. it brought me back to innocence ... I have gained some innocence back from this.

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