Bihar Anjuman believes in self-help rather than charity

Lectures and Debates [Online Videos to help learn Islamic Art of Living]

A. Ahmed Deedat

Should Rushdie Die? The Islamic Verdict How Rushdie Fooled The West
Bible says Cut off the Hands of your Wife Bible says Shave Off the woman's head
Deedat a Fundamentalist? Secret camera interview of Ahmad Deedat The Choice: Book by Ahmad Deedat, Volume-1  ||  Volume-2
God died? 3 min video Al-Quran: Miracle of Miracles 

Quran or the Computer?

Watch a great response on women's veil
Are you Happy and Gay? Just 3 min video The Real Bible, which one?
WAS CHRIST (PBUH) CRUCIFIED? (DEBATE) - Ahmed Deedat VS Bishop Wakefield Islam and Other Religions
Jesus The Beloved Prophet of Islam Islam The Message of Truth and Peace
Man-God Relationship In Islam First series Short Talks (4 in 1)
Easter - A Muslim Viewpoint (Australia) Islam & Christianity (Kuwait Series-5)
Was Jesus Crucified? A debate with Clark E. Floyd Pope And The Dialogue
The Message of Quran to the World History of Other religions, as they exist
If the Lable Shows Your Intent Wear It Jesus and Muhammed Comparative Study
Dawah or Destruction Muslim-Mushrik Marriages
The Missionary Inroads
Arabs and Israel: Conflict or Conciliation? Life and Times of Ahmed deedat
Deedat teased by Australian TV (his visit termed as a threat to Christians) All About Muslim Divorce
Justice And Equality Crucifixion: Fact or Fiction - debate with Douglas
Crucifixion or Crucifiction - a lecture How An American Marxist Found Islam
Ahmed Deedat Debates with American Soldiers Is Bible God's Word? - Debate with Pastor Stanley Sjoberg in Sweden
Is Jesus God? - Ahmed Deedat Vs Eric Bock Is Jesus God? Ahmed Deedat vs Anis Sorrosh (Royal Albert Hall, London)
Islam and Christianity -Ahmed Deedat and Gary Miller Quran or Bible: which is God's word? Debate with Anis Sorrosh
Muhammad (pbuh) in Bible (response to Swaggart) Islam's answer to the Pope's Pronouncements
Challenge of Islam to other religions New Deceit in Christian Evangelism
Deedat raided by 2 Mormon Missionaries

From Hinduism to Islam

Deedat's Bible Course Deedat's Combat Kit Course
A Dire Warning Is Bible God's Word? Debate with Swaggart
Daughters Of Islam Dawah in USA || Dawah in UK
University of Geneva lecture on Christianity and Islam Deedat's Encounter With Christian Missionaries
What Is Wisdom? Last Challenge And The Best Call (Jubail, KSA)
Ahmad Deedat in the spotlight (UAE TV) Quran or Bible: Which is God's Word?
"Freely Speaking", Deedat interviewed by a TV anchor Downloadable audios and videos of Ahmad Deedat

B. Dr. Farhat Hashmi

Clothing and Hijab (لباس و حجاب Urdu audio mp3 downloads): part-1, part-2 Women's Status In Islam (Urdu audio mp3 downloads)
Women - Builders of Humanity (عورت معمار انسانیت Urdu, audio mp3 downloads): Part-1, Part-2
Humaray Rasool Pyaray Rasool (saw)
Why Should We Cover? (پردہ کیوں کریں؟ Urdu, audio mp3 downloads) Equality of Men & Women (مُساوات مردوزن  Urdu, audio mp3 downloads)
Q&A Session on 'Muqam-e-Rasool'(s.a.w)  Ata'at-e-Rasool(s.a.w)
 Those Who Followed Him Right Away Benefit of Following
The Spirit Of Sacrifice (Qurbani) Sacrifice-Means Of Attaining Nearness To Allah
 Q&A On Sacrifice What to Sacrifice?
 Who Should Offer Sacrifice? How Should The Sacrifice Be?
Method & Manners of Sacrifice Why Should We Celebrate Eid
How To Celebrate The Day Of Eid  Q&A On Eid
 Loving Relationships Smile-Allah Loves You
 Meet With A Cheerful Heart  Welcome
The Ettiquettes Of Being A Guest Or A Host  How To Be An Honourable Guest
Hospitality-A Part Of Islam  Eating-A Form Of Worship
Eating Habbits In Islam Ashrae Dhul Hajj ki Fazilat wa Ahmyat
History of Hajj  Hajj ki Tayyari aur Tariqa
Umrah ka Tareeqa Hajj ka Tariqa
 Safr-e-Madinah Ramadan Kay ba'ad
 Namaze Juma'a Jumatul Wida
Lailatul Qadr Eitikaf
I've Bowed Down, My Lord  Zeal of Sacrifice
More Videos from Dr. Farhat Hashmi Sadqa Daynay Say Maal Kum Nahi Hota [Charity does not diminish wealth]

 C. Dr. Israr Ahmed

Nijat Ki Raah (Way to Salvation) Nabi Akram se Hamaare Talluq ki Bunyadian (Fundamentals of Relationship with Prophet)
Musalman ka Maazi, Haal aur Mustaqbil (Past, Present, Future of Muslims) Karbala ka tareekhi pasmanzar (Historical background of Tragedy of Karbala)
Neiki ka Qurani Tasawur Ramazanul Mubarak Hikmat aur
Fazilat (Purpose and Befnefits of Ramadan)

D. Jamal Badawi, PhD

Commonly-Misunderstood-Quranic-Texts Women-Treatment-in-Bible-and-Islam
Buy a Car or Home without paying interest

Misconceptions about Islam

Clearing Misconception-1: Perpetual confrontation with the West Clearing Misconception-2: friendship with Jews & Christians
Clearing Misconception-3: misinterpreting the word "infidel" (kafir) Clearing Misconception-4: Muslim, Christian & Jewish relationship
Clearing Misconception-5: Treatment of Minorities under Islamic Rule Clearing Misconception-6: Christian God and the Muslim God
Clearing Misconception-7: Women's Oppression Islamic Family: Secrets of Success
Killing of Aqsa Pervez: domestic violence or a media case of Islamophobia The Cross and Salvation, debate between Muslim & Christian scholars
  Islam is a Mercy to Humanity

E. Yusuf Estes

Islam Exposed ...! Facebook Halal or Haram?
135 people accept Islam after lecture Yousuf Estes on the way to ISLAM
Jesus (pbuh) in Islam Jesus (pbuh) in Christianity and Islam
Jesus and the Message Priests and Preachers entering Islam
Why heaven and hell? Nobody enters hell, except Music in Islam
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): A to Z Yusuf Estes and Abdullah Palmer
TV, Sports, Video Games: Halal or Haram? Downloadable audios and videos of Yusuf Estes

F. Bilal Philips

Muslim Taleban (Ideal Muslim Student) Think Win-Win [The Motto of the Believer]
Bilal Philip's Discovery of Islam Homosexuality: who needs it?

The Ultimate Dawah Course

The Day of Judgement
Numerical Miracles of Quran is a HOAX Forces of Evil
Mankind in Crisis Increasing-Faith-in-Difficult-times
Avoiding the Unlawful Muslims in a non-Muslims Society
Search for Inner Peace Deviation of the Ummah - Past & Present
The Way of the Prophets

Islam needs no changes

Prophet Muhammd's (peace be upon him) marriage to Aisha In the light of Islam - Growing the Beard
Interest and Islamic Banking Anti Christ Dajjal
Dajjal - the Forces of Evil The true religion of God
Halal Animal Slaughter Islam and Terrorism
Music, Art, Photography in Islam Marriage to Non Muslim
Importance of Sunnah in Islamic Law In the Shade of the Throne
Downloadable audios and videos of Bilal Philips Hijab - Contemporary Issues

G. Nouman Ali Khan (English)

Nouman Ali Khan: Islam and Ego Conflict Resolution
The Healthy Marriage Wasting Time

H. Ahmad Alshareef

What's on your mind? How to Cleanse Your Heart
Highway to Heaven Perished Nations Part1
Perished Nations Part2 Perished Nations Part3

J. Yasir Qadhi (Al Maghrib Institute)

No Beer? No Girlfriends? Oppression of Women? Polygamy? Parenting with Purpose & by Example
Dua: The Weapon of the Believer Blessings of Eiman

K. Ziaullah Khan

Money, Materialism, and the Muslim Mindset Have We Abandoned The Quran?
Misconceptions about Islam (chat with Will King) Chats with Will King about Islam & Muslims

L. Khalid Yaseen

Quran - Why We Are Here?

22 Australians accept Islam
Death: Your time is up Riba: Modern Day interest
Bikini and G-String Are OK But Wearing Hijab or Veil is Bad?  

M. Siraj Wahhaj

Knowledge is Sacred, what knowledge?

Be Opposite to the Disbelievers
Infinite Justice of Allah Currency of the Hereafter (Iman)
State of the Ummah Righting the Wrongs - Faith and Social Justice
Preparing for Ramadan Christian Nation Islam to Real Islam

N. Shabbir Ally

Let The Quran Speak [VisionTV and CTS TV] Who is the true Jesus? Debate with Jay Smith
Founder of Christianity is Paul, debate with Shillington Jesus in Christianity & Islam, debate with Tony Costa
This House Believes Jesus Was a Muslim Which book is the Word of God? Bilble or Quran?
Similarities and Differences between Islam and Christianity  

O. Abdullah Hakim Quick

Is Christmas From Christianity

The Devil's Deception in New World Order
Who invented Valentine's Day? Where does Halloween come from?

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Let's Pray b4 they Pray 4 Us Gujrat Riots: Tehelka videos
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Video: Learn Prophet's prayer Lessons in Sahih Bukhari (The Book of Manners)
Qasas-ul Anbiya (Stories of Prophets): ENGLISH Qasas-ul Anbiya (Stories of Prophets): URDU

Songs (Nasheeds) By Zain Bhikha

Native Deen - Zamiloonii Eid Songs (Audio and Video)
Heart of a Muslim Allah Knows
Allahu Allahu Can't Take It With You
Orphan Child Have you Heard? (a cappella)


Cartoons of Hate... Prophet of Love The Life of Muhammad (pbuh) - Yasir Qadhi
Movie: The Message (Prophet Muhammd's life) - Full [Urdu and English, both] Movie: The Honourable Saint Mary [dubbed in English]
Hajj & Umrah Made Simple (Urdu/ Hindi) Gary Miller: Muslims are better followers of Jesus
Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay, Police Commissioner of Sholapur, praises Islam as a religion of Peace