BaKhabar, Vol 5, Issue 4, April 2012
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By Gheyas S Mahfoz Hashmi, Jeddah (

… Continued from previous issue.

In previous two issues, a vista of Shafayat Kubra (Grand Mediation) was presented. This journey is so important that everyone should have acquaintance with it so that they could be prepared to successfully board on this inevitable journey. Below are links to all the previous parts for the convenience of readers and those who are seeking Jannah.

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Here is remaining part of Shafa’at Kubra. Quran says, “And ye will be three kinds"  (Al-Waqiah:7). According to Imam Ibn Kathir, the people in Qiyamat will be in 3 groups.
(1) People who were born from the right side of Adam (AS) will be at the right side of the Throne of Allah. They are the people whose statement of account will be given to their right hands. They are people of Paradise.

(2) People who were born from the left side of Adam (AS) will be at the left side of the Throne of Allah. They are the people whose statement of account will be given to their left hands. They are people of Hell.

(3) Some people will be in front of the Throne of Allah having special privilege. They are Prophets, Siddiqeen (called Saint but no actual translation in English), Martyrs and Righteous.                                     
Japanese Psunami

This Shafa’at will not be beneficial for disbelievers and those who have corrupt and misguided belief (doctrine) as Allah is not pleased with them. It is a condition of Shafa'at that Allah is pleased with the one, on behalf of whom the Shafa'at is requested. Therefore, idols or anything (whether living or non-living) they cling to and say, 'they are our intercessors with Allah,' will not help them and will not intercede for them rather they will increase their grief because Allah says, "Certainly! You and that which you are worshipping now besides Allah are fuel for Hell" (Al-Anbiya: 98). Any one liked to be worshiped other than Allah is with the one who worshiped him. In this case both will be fuel for Hell.

Here is the end of the topic for Grand Intercession. In next issue we will start (Allah wiling) discussing about Accounting (Hisab) of the Servant of Allah Almighty.


..... to be continued, insha-Allah

“I Love Not Things That Set”!
Muqeet Mujtaba Ali <>

Dear sisters and brothers, Assalamu Alaikum.
In the life of Prophet Ibraheem (peace be upon him) we have an Excellent Model to emulate.

I love what Ibraheem (Alaihis salam) said, ‘I love not things that set’! This statement, uttered by the great Prophet in the beginning of his career, is of iconic nature.
Surah al An’aam: 6: 76
When the night grew dark upon him he beheld a star. He said: This is my Lord. But when it set, he said: I love not things that set.” (Surah al An’aam: 6: 76)

Sun Setting behind Palm Tree

‘Afala’ in Arabic means ‘to go down’, ‘set’.
‘Aafileen’ is the plural form of the word ‘Aafil’ which means ‘transitory, passing’.
We, as believers in Islam, look at Prophet Ibraheem (alaihis salam) with respect and reverence. We should also understand and adopt what he is said literally in our life! Our life must become a living extension of the beautiful phrase he used. We must take the golden words ‘I love not things that set’ as the song of our life.

‘I love not those that set’!
‘I love not things that go down’!
‘I love not things that disappear’!
‘I love not those that are transitory’!

Today one may be enjoying high status in the society. Tomorrow he will be thrown off. The world has witnessed many rulers who were riding the crest in their hay days. And now they are a forgotten lot! There is no sense in taking pride in fame and status. They will eventually vanish.  Say: I love not things that vanish!

Today you may be very beautiful. But you know, yesterday’s Beauty Queens are today’s Ugly Ducklings! Physical beauty disappears faster than one imagines! One of the banes of globalisation today is people spend a lot on cosmetics. Come on! It is cosmetic beauty after all!  Say: I love not the beauty that will disappear!
Today one may have wealth and abundance. Who knows what will happen tomorrow!

A simple turn of the tide can reverse the whole scenario. Many a fire accident, flood and tsunami have brought down rich people from palaces to refugee camps. Isn’t it?

So there is great truth in living the phrase: ‘I love not that which is transitory’!

I gave just three examples – status, money, physical beauty. But Allah uses the word ‘Kullu’ to make us understand that everything on the face of the earth will vanish. Only Allah is Ever-Living, the Eternal.

Everyone and everything on earth will perish. And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will abide forever.” (Surah Ar-Rahmaan: 55: 26, 27)                                                        
May Allah guide us to the Right Path and retain us in the Right Path so that we love to love not things that set! Aameen.                                                   
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