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BaKhabar, Vol 4, Issue 6, June 2011
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OUR JOURNEY TO THE DAY OF RESURRECTION, PART-VII … Continued from previous issue.

.... By Gheyas S Mahfoz Hashmi, Jeddah ( 

In previous issue MAHSHAR was the topic of discussion whereby we tried to assess the condition therein. Here is its continuation.
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The resurrection of the people to Mahshar will greatly vary depending on the Eman and Deeds. Some will come on foot, some will be riding, some will be happy and some will be sad.  Some will be walking on mouth; some will be pushed by fire. Some will be sweating up to back and mouth. It will be a chaotic situation where none will ask others. Today man will come to know the reality of his single deed. Hence, he will be moving here and there to safeguard it so that no one from his near and dear can ask for it. Allah says in (Chapter: Abas, Verse 34-37), "On the day when a man will be away from his brother, his mother, his father, his wife and his children. Every man that day will have concern enough to make him heedless (of others)”.                                                        top
Quran, Surah # 80, Ayah # 34-37

Allah Almighty also says, "And no familiar friend will ask a question of his friend though they will be given sight of them. The guilty man will long to be able to ransom himself from the punishment of that day at the price of his children, his spouse, his brother, and his kin that harboured him”. (Al-Maarij 10-13).

Quran, Surah # 70, Ayah # 10-13

The period of Mahshar will be of 50 thousand years (Al-Maarij/4). The length of this day will be different depending on the group (Believers, Non-believers, Mushrik, Munafiq, Bid’ati, Bad performers of Muslim, etc), and the variation in long/short span of time is well-known according to the intensity of distress and peace.

A day with Allah is as a thousand years of what you count (Al-Hajj/47). Our Prophet (S) said that the poor Muslim will go to Heaven half day earlier from rich Muslim and the span of this half day is equivalent to five hundred years (Tirmezi). This Hadith explicitly describe about the awfulness of wealth for which the man is competing here each other. Those who don’t have money have no accountability about whether it was spent lavishly in lawful things, or spent in unlawful things or spent in fashion, or spent in legitimate things but to gain status in the society or spent niggardly, etc.

Our Prophet (S) used to pray: O’ Allah keep me alive a poor person, and give me death as a poor person, and gather me among the poor on the Day of Resurrection. (Tirmezi at the authority of Anas (R).

Allah Almighty will bake the earth as bread and the people of Paradise will be eating it till they are allowed to enter Heaven. It will be first hosting for the people of Heaven in Qiyamat. The curry for this bread will be fish, so big that a part of its liver alone will be enough for seventy thousand people (Muttafaq Alaih, narrated from Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri (R).                             
Burden Of My Own

 .... ... Nisreen Dr. Sk. Abbas Merchant
 NLP Master Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist
(specialising in Behaviour Modification)

A Monarch of long ago had twin sons. As they grew to young manhood, the king sought a fair way to designate one of them as crown prince. All who knew the young men thought them equal in intelligence, wit, personal charm, health, and physical strength. Being a keenly observant king, he thought he detected a trait in one which was not shared by the other.

Calling them to his council chamber one day, he said, "My sons, the day will come when one of you must succeed me as king. The weight of sovereignty is very heavy. To find out which of you is better able to bear them cheerfully, I am sending you together to a far corner of the kingdom.

One of my advisors there will place equal burdens on your shoulders. My crown will one day go to the one who first returns bearing his yoke like a king should."
In a spirit of friendly competition, the brothers set out together. Soon they overtook an aged woman struggling under a burden that seemed far too heavy for her frail body. One of the boys suggested that they stop to help her. The other protested: "We have a saddle of our own to worry about. Let us be on our way."                                                              

The objector hurried on while the other stayed behind to give aid to the aged woman. Along the road, from day to day, he found others who also needed help. A blind man took him miles out of his way, and a lame man slowed him to a cripple's walk.

Eventually he did reach his father's advisor, where he secured his own yoke and started home with it safely on his shoulders.

When he arrived at the palace, his brother met him at the gate, and greeted him with dismay.

He said, "I don't understand. I told our father the weight was too heavy to carry. However did you do it?"

The future king replied thoughtfully, "I suppose when I helped others carry their yoke, I found the strength to carry my own."    

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