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Videos of Lectures and Debates [Dr. Israr Ahmed]: Ramazanul Mubarak Hikmat aur Fazilat (Purpose and Befnefits of Ramadan)

About the Video: Ramazanul Mubarak Hikmat aur Fazilat (Purpose and Befnefits of Ramadan)
Downlaod the book of the same title, Urdu pdf [Azmat-e-Siyam-o-Qayam-e-Ramazan (The greatness of Fasting month of Ramadan, Tara'aweeh and Night Prayers)]

A great Speech of Dr. Israr Ahmed, based upon an in-depth study of Quran, Sunnah, and Fiqh. If you like to read pdf books, download it from the above link.
For more detail Quran Academy 36-K Model Town Lahore Pakistan Phone : 92-42-35869501 , 92-42-35869503

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