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Updates on RAHBAR Coaching Centres: More than 1,000 students benefitting every year from FREE coaching to stop drop-outs

Inspired by Sir Syed Ahmad khan's Aligarh Movement, and the great AMU fraternity

Khuda ney aaj tak us qoum ki haalat nahiN badli

Na ho jis ko kheyal khud apni halat k badalne ka

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Breaking News
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Vaishali (14th): inauguration on 3rd May 2011
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Sitamarhi (13th): to start classes, on 1st May 2011
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Gopalganj2 (12th): started classes, on 5th April 2011
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Kishanganj (11th): started classes, 1st April 2011
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Chapra (10th): started classes, on 7th November 2010
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Arwal (9th): started classes, on 1st August 2010
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Jamshedpur (8th): started classes, on 11th July 2010
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Muzaffarpur (7th): started classes on 28th June 2010.
100% Result @ Bihar Board Exam, by RAHBAR Coaching Centre, PATNA (1st Centre) >> 10 out of 10 students pass the 10th Exam (BSSEB, 2010). These potential drop-outs rose from a ZERO level to claim 8 First divisions, and 2 second divisions.
RAHBAR Coaching centre, Darbhanga (3rd): 100% of students passed Bihar Board Exam.
RAHBAR Coaching centre, Baghauni (Samastipur, 2nd Centre): 15 out of 16 students passed Bihar Board Exam (one girl could not make it).

Commit your contribution: fill-up online form (click here), or send email to [Subject: "Donation for RAHBAR Coaching Projects"]

Availability of Coaching centres in Bihar

Availability of Coaching centres in Bihar

Coaching News Qaumi Tanzeem, patna-2nd June 2010
Appeals for admission in newspapers, March2010
Ad for part-time teachers in Bihar-Jharkhand, for RAHBAR coaching centres

Coaching center, Shahpur Baghauni RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna

Your suggestions can make this project more beneficial for the target students, and for the society, as a whole. Please take 2 minutes to submit your suggestions, by clicking here, or writing to

Vision, Mission, Objectives, and methodolgy of operation/ finance: click here.

Commit your contribution: fill-up a simple online form (click here) or send email to [Subject Line: "Donation for RAHBAR Coaching Projects"] ... Your support can guarantee the success of more than 650 under-priviledged. Participate in shaping their future .... 

(14) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Minority coaching and computer center, Jarhwa, Hajipur, Distt: Vaishali >>

Online Team Leader: Maulana Mohammad Sanaul Hoda Qasmi <>, Naib Nazim of Imarat Sharia, 94 31 00 31 31
Local Team Leader: Janab Dr. Anwar Alam Sb. <>, 9931237676, Director, Minority Coaching and computer Study Centre

(13) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Crescent Public School, Ansari Road, Rajopatti, Sitamarhi >>

Online Team-Leader: Jamilur Rahman 
Local Team Leader: Janab JB. MOHAMMAD AAMIR Sb, +91-7250285920, Director, Crescent School

(12) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Hathwa, Gopalganj (2nd centre in this district):  inaugurated on 4th April 2011 >>

Location of coaching centre: Iqra Public High School, P.O. & Thana: Hathwa, Dist Gopalgan
Team-Leader: Arshad Masood Hashmi, Email:

(11) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Kishanganj: getting inaugurated on 4th April 2011 >>

Location of coaching centre: Anjuman Islamia Millat Girls High School
Team-Leader: Anzar Alam <>, Visakhapatnam, +91-9989414242

(10) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Olhanpur, Chapra (Saran): inaugurated on 14th November 2010 >>; classes started 7th Nov 2010

Location of coaching centre: Olhanpur High School, Olhanpur, Chapra (Saran), Bihar, Mobile: 9708915220
About Saran (from Bihar govt's website)

(9) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Arwal: launched on 1st August 2010 ...
Location of coaching centre: Al-MOJIB URDU GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, Mohalla: Shahi, P.O: Arwal, Distt. Arwal-804401, Bihar, Mobile: 9279519048, 9835422986
About Arwal (from Bihar govt's website):

(8) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Jamshedpur: launched on 11th July 2010 ...
Location of coaching centre: M. O. Academy, Zakir Nagar, P.O.: Azad Nagar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Email:, Phone: 0657-2460570
Largest number of students at this centre: 120, almost double the specified strength.

(7) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Chakradharpur: ... Urdu Town High School, Chakradharpur. Chakradharpur is 60 km from Jamshedpur. Classes started on 5th April, after inauguration on 4th April, 2010. First award ceremony was conducted on 11th May, to award 10 students in 3 categories.
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Chakradharpur-inauguration, 4th April 2010

(6) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Aurangabad: National Academy, Rafiganj, Aurangabad [Contact for enquiries: Mr. Aziz Altamush, Director of National Academy, Rafiganj]. Rafiganj is 30 km west of Gaya railway junction. Classes started on 2nd April, after inauguration on the same day. Fortnightly tests are being conducted to gague the impact of coaching on the enrolled students.
RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Rafiganj, Aurangabad, classes in progress

(5) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Gopalganj: Village: Semra, Post: Thawe, District: Gopalganj Classes started on 15th May, after inauguration on the same day. List of students and teachers are available on the website.
RAHBAR COACHING CENTER, Gopalganj-class-in-action

(4)RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Muzaffarpur: Hazrat Ali (RA) Academy, Chandwara: sponsored by Syed Anwar Bari Sb, from Village Paharpur, Muzaffarpur ... Classed started with 75 students on the roll, on 28th June 2010.

RahbarCoaching Centre, Muzaffarpur - admission notification

(3) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Darsgahe Islami, Purani Mansafi, Darbhanga [Website:]

Brother Hasan Arshad's efforts over the two months (July-August, 2009) finally yielded the desired fruits, leading to the Darbhanga centre's inauguration on the 2nd September, masha-Allah. Classes started on 6th October, after Eid-ul Fitra. Three teachers are providing tuitions to 49 students (as on 20th November, 2009) - attempts are being made to increase the number to 60, in this centre for only male students.

The Venue for this centre was, initially, at Little Angel school, Qila ghat, at the epicentre of poor Muslim population of Darbhanga city. Later, it was shifted to the current location, so as to accommodate larger class size of 60 students, and to make the centre more accessible to the target students.

RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Middle School, Bhigo, Darbhanga

Bihar Anjuman's Oman chapter will sponsor this centre which is to be managed in partnership with Mass Association for advancement of society (MAAS), an organization led by Janab Noorullah Sb., a senior Alig (businessman by profession). Janab Noorullah Sb. is well known as a mukhlis deeni/ social worker. He is managing a madarsa, in the area, and construction of a new building of this madarsa is in progress.
A committee of teachers and professors of Darbhanga has been formed to select best possible teachers for this centre, and to manage the centre properly. Management committee for this centre curretnly has following members:

1. Janab Badruddin Sb : Novelty book house, Qila Ghat, member of Jamat-e-Islami

2. Dr. Sharique Raza : Dentist (Clinic at Neem Chowk , Darbhanga), member of MAAS

3. Yazdani Sb. : Social worker with a lot of zeal, Member of MAAS

4. Md.Monowwaruzzaman: One of the teachers at center.

Mohammad Hasan Arshad, lecturer in the Chemical Engineering Department of Qatar University, Doha is the team-leader of this centre. He graduated from Zakir Hussain College of Engineering, AMU, and completed his Masters degree from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA. During his vacation, he spent his time teaching at the Rahmani-30, apart from meeting people of Darbhanga to launch this coaching centre. May Allah accept his efforts and bless him with greatest possible success in this world as well as in the hereafter!

(2) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Madarsa Isalmia, Shahpur Baghauni (Samastipur, Bihar):


RAHBAR coaching centre, Baghauni (Samastipur)

Clsses started on 16th August, 2009. The centre was inaugurated on the 30th July 2009, by diginitaries from Imarat Sharia, Patna. Nazim of Imarat, Hazrat Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi Sb (elected as chairman of Bihar State Hajj Commitee, on the 13th August) along with the convenor of Bihar Anjuman's Patna chapter (RAHBAR-Patna), Janab Enam Khan Sb, announced the opening of this centre. On this occasion, Hazrat Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi Sb, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Sanaul Hoda Qasmi Sb, Naib Nazim of Imarat Sharia, and Mufti Sohail Ahmad Qasmi Sb, along with the prinicipal (Head Mudarris) of the madarsa, addressed a large gathering of local people, who had gathered to listen to the ulema from Imarat Sharia.

The classes are being conducted between 6:30am and 9:30am for Physics, Chemistry, Maths. English is likely to be added soon, as a subject. There is a plan to accommodate students from dalit Hindu community, also, in each class.
A management committee of 5 people was selected, in a meeting held at the residence of Janab Nizam Ahmad Sb, in village Bherokhra, on 18th July 2009.

Grade Grade VIII Grade IX Grade X
Number of Students 29 (3 H, 19M, 10F) 31 (2 H, 16M, 15F) 21 (1 H, 15M, 6F)

H: Hindu Students, M: Male Students, F: Female Students

(1) RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Najam High School, Phulwari Sharif, Patna:


Clsses started on the 4th August, 2009. This centre was inaugurated on the 6th August (view the news-clip, below), by Ashraf Farid Sb, priprietor and Chief Editor of Qaumi Tanzeem, the most popular Urdu newspaper in Bihar and Jharkhand. Classes started with 49 students, on 4th August, 2009. Girls registered in almost equal numbers as boys, till 4th August. By 6th August, number of registered students grew to 80 - only 60 students will be permitted, so that each section (grade-8, grade-9, and grade-10) has 20 students each, as the maximum strength.
 RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna, Awards on 4th-Dec 2009

This centre is fortunate to already have 3 quality teachers on the payroll of Bihar Anjuman. These teachers were offered the following, during our meeting on the 8th July, at the residence of Janab Shoaib Khan Sb, retired DIG of RPF:
a. The three Bihar Anjuman teachers (Physics, Maths, English) will be paid Rs. 1,000 for one hour, Rs. 2,000 for teaching less than 50 students up to 3 hours, and Rs. 3,000 for teaching up to 3 hours 50 students or more. This will be in addition to the Rs. 6,000 per month they currently get as salary from Bihar Anjuman.
b. The above teachers will also arrange a 2-months-crash-course for entrance exams of diploma Engg and XIth (May-June). This program is proposed to be a residential program. The three teachers, as a group, will be paid Rs. 1,000 for each successful student they taught (for every student who is not enrolled at Najam High school, the centre for coaching). During these two months, these teachers will only teach the material for the crash course, and will not be teaching at the school nor at the part-time coaching for 8th, 9th, and 10th.
Najam High school will provide a quality Chemistry teacher for the above purposes, with no cost to Bihar Anjuman. The school will also provide all the facilities, including the generator, free-of-cost.
The students (who can afford to pay) of the 2-months-crash-course for entrance exams will be charged Rs. 2,000 for the course. Those who are successful in the entrance exams will get their fees fully refunded.

Updates of this centre are ava ilable @

Total immediate financial requirements for the three coaching centres :

For 3 centres: Rs. 33,000 per month, Rs. 15,000 to 45,000 (avg. Rs. 30,000) annually, and Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 15,000 (avg Rs. 9,000) one-time establishment expenses.
Total, in the first year: Rs. 33,000 per month x 12 months + Rs. 30,000 per year + Rs. 9,000 one-time = Rs. 4,35,000 (Rupess Four lakhs thirty-five thousands), for 3 centres

The above figure is just $9,000 for the first year for the 3 centres, or,

Just $750 per month for the 3 centres [Just $250 per month per centre]

Wish to support this project? Write to, or fill-up a simple online form.



Shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha;
Apne hissey ki koi shamm'a jalaate jaatey. [Ahmad Faraz]

Better light a candle than curse the darkness



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