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BaKhabar, Vol 4, Issue 3, March 2011
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Quick Update on Bihar Anjuman’s Activities during February 2011

More Updates, Feb 2011 Activities: Page8

"Bihar Anjuman: Bringing about a paradigm shift in managing Organizations", Bihar Anjuman’s presentation at IMEFNA (Chicago, USA) "Excellence in Education" seminar in Hyderabad, 13th February 2011: IMEFNA, a leading US based Indian Muslim welfare organization invited Bihar Anjuman to share its experience of educationally empowering the Muslims of Bihar and Jharkhand. This seminar, which was attended by more than 275 delegates, provided an excellent opportunity for the dominantly Hyderabad-based Muslim intelligentsia to learn from us why a paradigm shift is necessary and how it can be achieved. The 20 page coloured brochure of Bihar Anjuman, printed by Delhi chapter, was also distributed to the guests.

Bihar Anjuman's Presentation: Model of Bihar Anjuman

After briefing about projects of Bihar Anjuman, the dynamic business model of Bihar Anjuman was explained – how latest communication technology connects all the elements of BA, empowers chapters and individuals willing to turn their thoughts, ideas, or plans into viable projects. It was then explained that this removing of bureaucratic shackles enables the shift from a paradigm of control and chains-of-command to a paradigm of innovation in which talents can bloom freely, empowered through 100% freedom.

Bihar Anjuman's Presentation: Paradigm Shift

The powerpoint presentation ended with a 2 minute video that inspires people to join hands for a cause, which can lead to successful outcomes for even a seemingly impossible task, rather than wait for someone else (e.g., the govt) to take an initiative. The presentation was received very well and left an excellent impact on the audience.
IMEFNA Seminar in Hyderabad
7 New RAHBAR coaching centres in the 1st week of April 2011, and enter the 3rd phase of coaching project (target: 21 centres): It is indeed very pleasing to share this good news with you that the total number of coaching centres is likely to reach 17 (seventeen), insha-Allah, by 1st week of April 2011. Along with Kishanganj, 6 new coaching centres are expected to commence classes around 4th April 2011, insha-Allah, in Sitamarhi, Motihari, Gopalganj (2nd centre) districts of Bihar and Dhanbad, Ramgarh, Jamtara districts of Jharkhand.
Availability of Coaching centres in Bihar
Availability of Coaching centres in Bihar

4,580 friends of Bihar Anjuman’s facebook page: Facebook Profile of Bihar Anjuman, created on 23rd March 2010, has jumped from 4,289 friends, last month, to this level, now … Become a friend, now!   top
More Updates on February 2011 Activities of Bihar Anjuman: Page-8  
Bihar Govt's NOC received for Bihar Anjuman’s first ITI; urgently needs Rs. 15 lakhs for installation of industrial equipment, to get final approval []
Donate for Bihar Anjuman’s 1st ITI
Kindly contribute whatever you can, and raise Rs. 15 lakhs, to support the above requirement. As you know, RAHBAR or Bihar Anjuman does not maintain any funds, so all the requirements have to be raised by 31st March 2011, so that the required equipment may be purchased and installed in the premises (by 15th April 2011) for Govt inspectors to be invited for inspection. Without the positive report of these inspectors, Govt's approval is not possible. So, come forward for this noble cause and let's raise the required fund before the deadline.
Bank Account details for contributions by Indian Nationals [non-Indians may commit contribution by writing to with subject line "Donation for 1st RAHBAR ITI"]:
A/c name: RAHBAR
A/c number: 00891450000123

Bank name: HDFC Bank
Branch: D-965, Mata Ka Mandir, New Friends Colony, New Delhi - 110065
IFSC Code:    HDFC0000089; MICR Code: 110240009
Kindly send an email to, with cc to and, once you have made the transfer, so that we may be able to maintain a proper account, at our levels [kindly send scanned copy of your photo ID, e.g. passport, voter ID, PAN card]. In case of any problems in transferring the committed amount, please write back to so that we could find an alternative means of transferring the funds [like sending a DD to one of the Bihar Anjuman's representatives, or handing over cash or cheque to him]. In any case, pls do not forget to send us an email after the transfer has been made.                  
Trades in proposed ITI (called RAHBAR Technical training centre):
1.    Electrician: 84 seats (4 units of 21 each)
2.    Plumbing: 42 seats (2 units of 21 each)
3.    Draughtsman (Civil): 42 seats (2 units of 21 each)

Visit for more details:

All members of Bihar Anjuman are urged to initiate efforts to establish an ITI in their respective districts, after downloading the guidelines from and discussing any issues by sending emails to
10th RAHBAR Coaching Centre @ Olhanpur, Chapra (Saran district) arranges 3rd Awards Ceremony [20th February 2011]: Following dignitaries graced the occasion;
1. Chief Guest: Janab Dr. Imteyaz Ahmed Khan sb., retired consultant Doctor, UK
2. Janab Minhaz Khan Sb., Professor, UK
3. Janab Dr. Khalid Khan, consultant cardiologist, UK
The program started with recitation of Quran by Janab Mohd. Arshad Ali, Hafiz & Aalim, at 10.00 am. Janab Abdus Salam Khan sb. presented the coaching progress report and brief introduction of RAHBAR Coaching program & Bihar Anjuman.

3rd Awards Ceremony, RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Olhanpur, Chapra, Saran, 9th January 2011

The awards were given by Chief Guest Dr. Imteyaz A. Khan sb , Minhaz Khan sb and Dr. Khalid Khan sb. Dr. Imteyaz Ahmed Khan sb motivated the students to do hard work and take advantage of this coaching centre. He briefed the activities of Bihar Anjum and advised the committee to take
feedback from student on regular basis, about teachers' performance . Minhaj Khan sb. asked the students few questions,  and was happy with their performance. Dr. Khalid Khan sb. motivated the student by given example of his student life. The vote of Thanks was given by Janab Abdus Salam Khan sb. & he wished the 10th class students a great success. 
For more details, and list of awardees, please visit the centre’s website:    top
Terminated: Manager appointed for Bihar Anjuman’s 1st office in Patna is shown the red card, in his 2nd month of service. The search is now on, once again, to find an efficient person to manage the affairs of Bihar Anjuman, with special focus on managing the coaching centres of Bihar and Jharkhand which involves travelling throughout the twin states. He will be paid a monthly salary of Rs. 6,000 plus T.A. (actual travelling expenses) plus Rs. 100 per day of travel to cover for food and living expenses. Total payments to the manager would not exceed Rs. 10,000 per month – this amount is sponsored by a Mumbai-based trading organization which is sponsoring the RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna (salary of 3 teachers, each getting Rs. 3,000 per month, direct from sponsor). Members are requested to help this quest for a manager who is diligent and honest. This task is very urgent, now, because we have to undertake massive preparations (which must be completed by 15th April) to get Bihar Anjuman’s first ITI approved.   

9,425 members @ Bihar Anjuman’s Yahoogroup, the lifeline of the community, on 28th Feb 2011, in comparison with 9, 195 members a month back – almost 230 new members in a month, alhamdolillah. Visit, created on 14th June 2001, it remains at the top of all online groups involved in social work. If you are not a member, as yet, but your heart beats for your homeland, get in, and walk along towards the 10,000 membership level.  
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