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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dahran, KSA

Brief Information about the University, and the admission procedure

By Mobashshir Quamar 


Apart from the worldly education Alhamdullilah here you have the chance of performing Hajj with great ease and frequent Umrah. The university has a very conducive atmosphere with a blend of Islamic activities rare to get anywhere else.

The unfortunate part is that we Muslims are completely unaware of this wonderful place of learning though it is in the Islamic world. And this university is no way inferior to the other standard universities as far as the educational standards are concerned. The only thing being that a very few people are aware of it.

About the University

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) was officially established on 23 September 1963 with the name “College of Petroleum and Minerals (CPM)”. Since that time, the University enrollment has grown to 10000 students in 2003-2004. It is located in the Saudi Arabia’s eastern city of Dhahran adjacent to the world leading oil company Saudi ARAMCO. Dhahran is a prominent petroleum producing city on the eastern shore of Saudi Arabia. Located between Dammam and Al Khobar it is a quiet city, scarcely populated unlike many industrial towns in India.

The University provides a good opportunity to the engineering and management students who wish to peruse higher education. The MS and PhD programs are offered in streams such as: (the course details and information about each department can be obtained from the links below):

  1. Department of Chemistry

  2. Department of Earth Sciences

  3. Department of Mathematics

  4. Department of Physics

  5. Department of Chemical Engineering

  6. Department of Civil Engineering

  7. Department of Electrical Engineering

  8. Department of Mechanical Engineering

  9. Department of Petroleum Engineering

  10. Department of Aerospace Engineering

  11. Department of Computer Engineering

  12. Institute of Information and Computer Science
  13. Systems Engineering –  Industrial Engineering and Automation & Control

  14. Department of Architectural Engineering

  15. Institute of City & Regional planning

  16. Construction Engineering & Management

  17. Department of Business Administration (MBA course)

Among the various facilities provided by the university to the Graduate Students some basic and noteworthy ones are:

Tuition – Free of cost

Accomodation – Free (single and married)

Food – Subsidized

Course Materials and Books – Free of cost

Stripend –       SR 1000 (for MS and MBA)

                  SR 2500 (for PhDs)

Air ticket from the place of origin to Dammam when going first time and when returning after completion (one time to and fro)

Free medical checkups and medicines at 50% discount rate

For more information visit the university site at:

Admission Requirements

For Admission into the Graduate Program of KFUPM one needs to complete

More details regarding the admission requirements and procedure can be had from

Admission Procedure

Down load the admission form from the link and clicking on “Application material”

Fill the Application form completely and attach the following along with it

  • A copy of the marksheet of std X
  • A copy of the marksheet of 10+2
  • A copy of the semester/year wise marksheets of the bachelor’s degree
  • A copy of the consolidated marksheet of the degree
  • A copy of the degree certificate
  • A copy of the GRE exam marksheet
  • A copy of the TOEFL marksheet
  • A copy of the Passport

The copies need not be attested also if any of the above is not available at the time of application then attach a note stating that you will be providing that document later as you still have not obtained it.

It is also advisable to attach a copy of the course description or syllabus of the courses one has taken during the B.E. or B.Tech. degree.

One must hurry up in all these procedures as it takes sometime for processing and in rare cases even takes about 6 months before the first reply from the university.

One gets the first reply when the admission is confirmed, then one has to wait for the visa. As the number of visa issued are less one has to be patient till he gets any information about it from the university.

Once the admission is confirmed set right the documents for visa. The university intimates about it and guides’ regarding what one has to do. It is advised to be in regular touch with the university through e mail. Once the letter confirming the visa is obtained one has to go to the Saudi embassy at Delhi or consulate at Mumbai whichever is mentioned for visa processing. Also the university sends the PTA for air travel through Saudi Arabian Airlines. Contact the Saudi Arabian Airlines office at Delhi or Mumbai for the same.

Saudi Visa Processing at Saudi Embassy in New Delhi or its consulate in Mumbai for KFUPM aspirants:

Documents to be taken:  The following are the documents to be taken before going to New Delhi for visa stamping.

1.      Passport (with E.C.N.R done: ECNR is done at the passport office once you show them your degree certificate. It takes barely 1 day to get ECNR done.

2.      Medical certificate.: Its done at saudi embassy recommended medical practitioners clinic.

3.      P.T.A.: Obtained from Saudi Airlines Office

4.      S.S.C/Inter and Degree Certificates (originals)

5.      Consolidated memorandum of degree mark sheets.

6.      Contract papers (from KFUPM)

7.      Authorization letter (from KFUPM)

8.      Passport size photos (15-20)

9.      5 Xerox copy sets of the above material.

As for the amount of money to be kept, I think a sum of rupees 4000/- (out of this you have to pay 700/- for your Visa stamping) might be most sufficient. The period of stay in New Delhi or Mumbai is 10 to 15 days. ( visa fees- liable to change, confirm before proceeding)

Attestation of certificates is to be done at three different places:

(This Attestation Procedure is also applicable to any other person interested in going to Middle East)

1.      At the Ministry of H.R.D, scholarship section, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Barracks road, New Delhi. Here we need to pay 3*50=150 rupees, for postal stamps to attest the 3 certificates (10th, inter and degree). The timing for submission is in between 10 to 12 am. You also have to submit a passport copy. Also take all your originals with you.

 A form needs to be filled and submitted, along with the certificates. The attested certificates can be taken back in 30 minutes time. Don’t go to agents.

2.      On the same day, go to ministry of external affairs, Patiala house (it is 10 minutes walk from H.R.D). The work timings are :10 – 12 noon and 2 – 4pm

Submit the certificates and get them back after 15 to 20 minutes or at 3:30 pm (reception time).

3.      Finally at the embassy submit the certificates which are attested by both the HRD and the External Affairs for the final attestation

The following are the timings at the embassy:

        Documents submission timings: 10 to 12 am

        Documents reception timings: 3 to 3:30 pm.

Submit the copy of the following at the embassy:

        Copy of  KFUPM contract (the university will send it to you)

        Copy of  the Visa intimation letter (the university will send it to you)

        Copy of  the Passport

        Inquiry form (original , given by the embassy)

The people at the embassy will then tell you to come after 2 or 3 days, after giving you a receipt.

Then, go to the Saudi embassy on the day, they will call you at 3:30 pm and do the following:

        Receive a visa slip, with something written in Arabic.

        Take a visa form.

On the next day, submit the following originals.

        Completed visa form

        Degree certificate (original)


        Medical Certificate.

Then receive your originals along with your visa stamped passport on the same day or the day they call you. Check the visa, before returning. (especially your name, dates, etc).

The procedures at the embassy are liable to change so please confirm the requirements before proceeding. This is just for guidance and may not be the same all the time.

Further Info:

For the majors and detailed course structure please refer the  link:

In case you are unable to find the requisite information on the links provided then please contact the following brothers, i.e., send email with SUBJECT LINE [Regarding KFUMP: some information required]:
2. brother Rizwanullah Khan <>, Research Engineer III/Asst. Professor, Center for Environment & Water, KFUPM
3. brother Firoz Ahmad <>, Engineer-I, Center for Engineering Research, Research Institute, KFUPM
4. brother Hassan Arshad <>.
You will get response from us if we think that the query is genuine and you have explored the links provided in this information page.


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