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Dear All members

Assalam Alaikum

I am very pleased to see three of our enlightened members taking the lead and speaking out for the requirement of Islamic principles to be applied before any Shadi advert goes on our web site.

I have always felt unhappy and uncomfortable about many adverts emphasising their caste.

Islamic marriage is not only about eliminating "dowry" , but also about tackling and eradicating all other " Bakwas" , based on baseless traditions , which has infested our society.

I think cast system is another evil  which we have learnt from our Hindu fellow countrymen.

We must not allow any adverts which invite Rishtas" ( alliance) from a particular "Cast" system.

Apart from being totally unIslamic, it is also a "Jahaliyah" which is unbelievable and unacceptable in this modern educated age.

There was no "Sheikh", "Syed", "Pathan" business in times of Prophet sas, Sahabah and their followers.

People who migrated to Medina were called "Mahajir"(I immigrants) and Muslims who helped and sheltered them were called "Ansar".

There were different tribes but inter tribes marriages were frequent and common. Tribes was never an issue.

In fact Allah has mentioned in Sura "Alhujrat" that We have made you different families & tribes, so that you can recognise each other. 

"Indeed the best and most Honourable person amongst you , in the eyes of Allah is the one who fears Him most ( Person of Taqwa)." ( I have written the nearest meaning of Aayah )

Rasoolallah sas performed the marriage of his cousin Hazrate Zainab ( who came from the best of the best tribe "Banoo Hhashim") to Hazrat Zaid , his adopted son and a freed slave.

She was not only from the best tribe of Arab world but also sister of the greatest prophet and Nabi of the time.

They couldn't be more different in every respect except "Eiman" and Islam.

Prophet SAS gave her hand in marriage to Hazrat Zaid only on the basis of his piety and his love for Allah and Rasoolallah sas.

He also did it to break the "taboo" of class  and tribe.

I will agree the views expressed that Islamic rules must be applied and those advertising the casts should be removed if people don't conform to the Islamic principles.

Let us see Bihar anjuman is an Anjuman propagating cast system or is it a reformist Organisation of  good Muslims of  strong Eiman and vision who wish to introduce Islamic values and principles in our society.

It shouldn't deter us that some or many will leave Anjuman.

We can make our choice, to please our fellow members or to please our Lord ( RabbulAlaemin).

We are being tested by Allah

There is no "Khair" or Barakah" in things we do if we choose to conduct some of our businesses unIslamically and follow "Jahiliya" and Hindu caste ststem.


Your brother in Islam

Dr Imteyaz Ahmed Khan

Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK

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