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Movie: Islam in Spain [710-1616] (English), Channel-4 Documentary

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Watch British Catholic Priest accept Islam || Why this American White Christian preacher accepted Islam? Watch to know why he is a great Islam-Preacher

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Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 1

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 2

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 3

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 4

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 5

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 6

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 7

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 8

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 9

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 10

Islam in Spain [710-1616], Part 11

Please take note: the purpose of hosting these movies is not to disregard the fatwas of those scholars who disallow the making, showing or watching of movies. The purpose is just to learn Islamic history through a movie. Using this medium may not be suitable for those who are comfortable using alternative media (books, audios, contact classes, etc. which are more preferable) to learn history of Islam. It suits those who feel uncomfortable reading books, listening to audios or attending lectures, classes, etc. 

About this documentary film: The documentary is titled "When the Moors Ruled in Europe"

Join British historian Bettany Hughes as she examines a long-buried chapter of European history–the rise and fall of Islamic culture in what is now Spain and Portugal.

Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years.

This fascinating documentary explodes old stereotypes and offers shocking new insights. You’ll discover the ingenious mathematics behind Granada’s dazzling Alhambra Palace, trace El Cid’s lineage to his Moorish roots, and learn how the Iberian population willingly converted to Islam in droves.

Through interviews with noted scholars, you’ll see how Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel the West out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. What emerges is a richly detailed portrait of a sensuous, inquisitive, and remarkably progressive Islamic culture in Christian Europe.

This is a fascinating third party documentary of rise and fall of Islam in Spain. The era of Islam is presented as the possibly the best thing that ever happened to Europe, and the Crusade was perhaps the worst thing. The wiping of Islamic history from the European history books is a grave mistake.

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Do not revile my Companions
[Sahih Muslim : Book 31 Kitab Al-Fada'il Al-Sahabah, Number 6167]

Abu Huraira
(Radi Allah Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Do not revile my Companions, do not revile my Companions. By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if one amongst you would have spent as much gold as Uhud it would not amount to as much as one much on behalf of one of them or half of it.

[Sahih Muslim : Book 31 Kitab Al-Fada'il Al-Sahabah, Number 6168]

Abu Sa'id
(Radi Allah Anhu) reported there was some altercation between Khalid b. Walid (Radi Allah Anhu) and Abd al-Rahman b. 'Auf (Radi Allah Anhu) and Khalid (Radi Allah Anhu) reviled him. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: None should revile my Companions. for if one amongst you were to spend as much gold as Uhud, it would not amount to as much as one mudd of one of them or half of it.

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