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Bihar Anjuman Job-Info-Cell, Patna: Free hiring service for gulf companies

Companies willing to hire at this centre: Five Walk-in interviews have been conducted for gulf companies, during last one year. Avail of an excellent FREE service at this centre, and enjoy a unique experience - to submit your enquiry, click here, or send an email to, with cc to [Subject line: "Willing to recruit @ RAHBAR Job Information Cell"].

Career-Guidance Seminar conducted on 11th December, 2007


Introduction: BIHAR ANJUMAN, JOB INFORMATION CELL, managed by its Patna chapter, is located in Imarat Technical Institute, Imarat Sharia, Patna. This is to inform all the members that Imarat Sharia Technical Institute is producing 1,100 successful candidates every year in different technical/ professional areas. 


The Bihar Anjuman, Patna Chapter, decided to collect job information globally from members and let these candidates to know where the job is and how to apply, so that maximum students get jobs. The idea is to attract local companies to come forward and select these candidates in Campus. I will request all the members to inform job opportunity on following address [], with copy to


Location: This cell is in Imarat Sharia Technical Institute, Imarat Sharia, Phulwari Sharif, Patna.

Courses offered by the institutes under Imarat-e-Sharia's ITI:

1. Electronics Mechanic. – 2 years
2. Draftsman Civil - 2 years
3. Electrician - 2 years
4. Fitter - 2 years
5. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration -2 years
6. Plumber - 1 year
7. Computer Copa - 1 year
8. Pathology DMLT - 2 years
9. X-ray Technician - 2 years
10. Physiotherapy - 3 years
11. D.C.A computer - 1 year
12. P.G.D.C.A - 1 year
13. B.C.A computer - 3 years
14. D.C.A & Multilingual DTP– 1 year
15. Welder - 1year
16. Instrument Mechanic - 2 years
17. Tailoring & Cutting - 1 years

First Walk-in interview arranged: UAE company sources manpower from Bihar Anjuman's Job-Info-Cell in Patna ... glimpses below:

Bihar Anjuman's Job Info Cell @ Patna

Bihar Anjuman's Job Info Cell @ Patna1

Bihar Anjuman's Job Info Cell @ Patna2

Bihar Anjuman's Job Info Cell @ Patna3

UAE company sources manpower from Bihar Anjuman's Job-Info-Centre in Patna

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