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RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna: Teachers Training Program

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Free Teachers Training for teachers of Rahbar Coaching Centre, Patna

Free Teachers Training @ RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna, 04-07-2010Free Teachers Training @ RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna, 04-07-2010Free Teachers Training @ RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna, 04-07-2010Free Teachers Training @ RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Patna, 04-07-2010

Date: 4th July 2010 (Sunday), Venue: Najam Foundation, Phulwarisharif, Patna

1st session: 9am - 1pm || 2nd session: 2pm - 5pm|| Prayer & Lunch break: 1pm - 2pm

Program Expert facilitator: Mr. Mullick Habib Ghufran, M.Sc; M.Fd; Dip in Sc. Ed (U.K), Cert. in Adult Education (Edinburgh), Ret. Teacher Netarhat Residential School, Ex. Principal: Navodaya Vidyalaya, Begusarai, Ex. Principal:  District Institute of Education & Training, Purnia & Jamshedpur, Ex Regional Director: Maulana Azad National Urdu University 

Coordinator: Md. Enam Khan, Convener, Patna Chapter, Bihar Anjuman


Teachers training programme started at Najam Foundation , Patna around 9.30 AM on 4th July 2010.  Our guest trainer was Mr. Mullick Habib Ghufran, M.Sc. M.Fd, Dip. In science (UK), a well known teacher of renowned Netarhat residential school. The session was divided into two parts. The first session he taught about psychology of a child.  He aksed the teachers to train a child by observing 1. Mental 2.  Physical 3. Spiritual condition.  He explained every point in great details, in an engaging manner.  Most of the teachers only see the mental condition of the child, which is not enough. The Curriculum should be decided on 1. Aims & objectives 2.  Selection of subject 3. Method and activities 4. Examination and Evaluation.

As per NCERT research, learning is categorized in following way (a) Hearing 10% (b) Reading 20% (c) Seeing 30% (d) Doing 70% and (e) telling others 90%

He further elaborated examination into (a) validity of object, (b) reliability, (c) comprehensive and (d) adaptability.

While setting a question, the teacher must follow the following Blue Print:

Unit Tests 20 marks


Long Ans.

Short Ans.



Multi choice






























Total Marks 20 

2nd session:

He started with language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and Biology.  In language he asked, which one is more important, a sentence or a word? The answer is sentence.  The language teaching is further categorized into 1. Listening with understanding 2. Speaking in the point 3. Reading with understanding 4. Writing to the point 5. Grammar. 6 vocabulary 7 essay and 8. Critical application

It was a long, but, interesting session.  The lunch was served to everyone from BA.  A handsome file provided with a ball pen to participants of this FREE training program. The programmed ended at 5.30 PM. Enclosed are some of the photographs.  

Following teachers attended the training classes.

1.       Md. Rukhsarul Haque, of Rahbar Coaching centre @ Patna

2.       Eqbal Hussain of Rahbar Coaching centre @ Patna

3.       Tabrez Alam of Rahbar Coaching centre @ Patna

4.       Mrs. Iffat Imam of Rahbar Coaching centre @ Patna

5.       Md. Sabir of Najam Mission School @ patna

6.       Perwez Ahmad of Najam Mission School @ patna

7.       Shatrughan Singh of Najam Mission School @ patna

8.       Santosh Kumar Singh of Najam Mission School @ patna

9.       Qamar Alam of Najam Mission School @ patna

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